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Sunday, March 2, 2014

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Getting Your Cloth Diaper Fix When You Already Have 'Enough'

Let's face it, there's no such thing as 'enough' cloth diapers when you're an addict like me. Coupons, sales, holiday occasions, and the latest 'must have' print or limited edition color are always a temptation. No matter how many cloth diapers you, I mean your baby, has, you may always want more. After all, you need one to match a first birthday outfit, Christening gown, Easter dress or suit, Valentine, St. Patty's, and on and on. If your budget, your spouse, your child nearing potty training, or your storage space tell you that you have enough (at least for the moment), here's a list of 10 ways you MIGHT get that 'fluffy mail' high while respecting your...current limitations.

1. Window shop/make a wish list - Kelly's Closet has a wish list feature under your account (separate from a baby registry, which can be found by others) that allows you to make a 'dream list' of in stock items until the time you're ready to shop again. You won't forget which diaper you were craving, or have to try and remember which color you thought matched just perfectly - it will be saved right there for easy access. You get the shopping high without the immediate debt.

2. Donate/volunteer for a cloth diaper charity - There are several places now that are considered 'cloth diaper banks' and take donations for less fortunate families. You could offload some of your pre-loved stash (freeing up room for new prints) or get some desperately needed retail therapy and send brand new diapers on to those in need. Some banks even request assistance with sorting, repairing, or education of families that are receiving the donations. Really? What feels better than helping someone in need? Nothing.

3. Sell and buy new - Some moms are not desperately in need, but are willing to buy pre-loved diapers from you at a discount, giving you room and budget to add in new things if you want, and giving them a high quality, well cared for diaper. Everyone wins.

4. Build stash for a new baby - New baby pictures make your ovaries ache? Didn't start with a newborn stash? It may be time to start filling your cart with prefolds, sized covers, newborn all in ones, or tiny pocket diapers. Starting now will ensure that you're ready, even if baby shows up early!

5. Holiday style - Pick one for a holiday and get a nice outfit to match-Valentine's day may be over, and all those pictures of lipstick-kissed babies may be making you green with envy. Behold, spring is on the way, St. Patrick's day and Easter are coming, and the fourth of July is just around the corner. What better time to start scouring the stores for fresh short-sleeved outfits, perfect for a new matching diaper playing peek-a-boo. If it's your spouse doing the grousing, let him (or her!) know that you'll be less likely to over-shop on the outfit if you can get a diaper to match perfectly. Who knows, you might even get the go ahead to land that new color you've been eying!

6. Buy for a friend - Have a friend who is pregnant or considering cloth? Nab an intro to cloth diapers book and custom make a care package just for her! All the fun, zero guilt!

7. 'Photo' therapy - Spread out all your diapers for a once in a lifetime stash shot. Take pictures. Group them in colors, styles, or in a rainbow. Post them on facebook, instagram or twitter. Revel in what you have and be thankful.

8. Rotate - Rotating kids toys has long been a trick that keeps things fresh and the children appreciative of what they have. If you have 'plenty', sort them out and put a few away for 2 weeks. Then get them back out and feel the love and give others a break. It's also a great way to discover new favorites, thin your stash, or make sure you have even wear across all your diapers so that they ALL last longer.

9. Write - Share on your own blog, or write for the CDW. Other moms can benefit from your knowledge, tips, tricks and diaper/accessory reviews.

10. Share - Join the cloth diaper support group to help others. You may have a similar situation as someone else and be able to give them the lift they need to keep going, get started, or *sniff* be okay with putting their diapers away when it comes potty training time.

Bio: Jill blogs about her experiences as a stay at home mom to 3 girls, country living, cloth diapers, and a life 'just this side of crunchy' at

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