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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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American Baby: Summer Essentials!

This just in! Red, white and blue diapers are hot for summer- it's a timeless signature 'look' for baby that can stretch from now until back to school. Let me explain. One of my cousins mentioned that she used the same decorations in her house all summer long—she did an awesome DIY wreath in red, white, and blue and said she hung it up in May and took it down in the fall. I'll admit, at first, I was perplexed. With Pinterest mania, there’s so much pressure to have cute stuff rotating each month, right? Apple themes for September, monsters for Halloween, and don’t forget about pumpkins! Spring colors make you think of grass, Easter eggs, and flowers. Do I even need to mention the insanity that is 'December'? However, Americans have precious little going on in the summer that we actually celebrate. I realized she was absolutely right. Memorial day is in May. Barbeque season starts. Flag day, fourth of July, and finally, Labor day, signifying the end of summer and the beginning of everything ‘fall’. Those three colors tie everything together neatly and you can use this to your advantage--show off that baby's cutie patootie at get-togethers and in photos all summer long!

So which color will you choose? Blue is a great gender neutral. White goes with any outfit. Red can carry over into holiday pictures and sneak right through Valentine’s Day. Does your favorite cloth diaper brand have a diaper in red, white or blue? Whether you’re a FLIP fan and Moonbeam is a staple in your stash, or AppleCheeks Cherry Tomato or St. Lucia is more your style, there’s a cloth diaper that’s perfect for summer out there! What’s your go-to for outings? Whether it’s a cover or AI2 with changeable inserts that you can use all day long, or a multitude of AIOs or Pocket Diapers to show off your patriotic spirit, you can find a cloth diaper perfect for all your summer activities!

No matter what you’re getting together to celebrate (at least in the US), you can find your perfect baby outfit for any occasion in a simple tee (or sundress) and coordinating cloth diaper. For those picnics that run long or fireworks under a night sky, toss some babylegs in your diaper bag and you’ll be ready for anything! Don't leave babies out of the fun during pool parties or beach trips, swim diapers with cute swim coordinates are perfect for play in the waves and DON'T forget the sunscreen! Whatever the day brings, a wetbag should always go with you! From wet suits to dirty diapers and wet wipes for sticky fingers, wetbags of all sizes are perfect for day trips and family vacations. Don't forget hungry kids need a little something packed in snack bags for times when grown up food is 'yucky', conversations with old friends run long, and you just want to get home without stopping for dinner along the way.

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Mary said...

I LOVE the cloth diaper/baby legs look! Super cute and easy. Even better when they start walking around and have protected knees and no pants to trip on!