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Monday, June 16, 2014

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DIY Altered Diapers

Got the Summer Stash Blues? No big sales or cash to spend on full price fluff? Let’s face it, up until recently the seamstresses of the bunch have had all the fun. If you could knit, crochet, or sew, there was a pattern out there you could follow to DIY a diaper suited to your tastes. But…what about those of us a little less gifted? Prices on fancy WAHM and Etsy custom cloth diapers out of your reach? Can’t find a Goldilocks print that suits you juuuust right? Here’s 5 easy ways to DIY and get the diaper you’ve always dreamed of…without the price tag. Note: altering your diapers voids warranties. If you do care, close the browser immediately! If you don’t care, then read on… you have been warned!

1. Printed flats. Pre-printed flats from companies like Imagine provide a great inexpensive alternative to microfiber inserts (stinkies anyone?) and can be used sans cover for a more breathable option in the summertime heat. Stuff them in your pockets for peek a boo prints!

Difficulty Level=Easy

2. Tie/dip dye. Prefolds, flats and flour sack towels can be dyed with any number of mediums for a custom look. Dip dye can be used for an on-trend ombre if you have a bit of time. Break out those white or light colored covers to show off your creativity, or use them as nursing covers/burp cloths! I had someone ‘beautify’ my newborn prefolds for me and they get positive comments ALL the time! No one can believe they’re actually diapers. This requires extra time, rinsing and equipment so be sure to do this out of reach of children and with protective gear.

Difficulty Level=Hard

3. Fabric paint. Got an old cover or pocket diaper that just doesn’t get any love? Did you win a color you aren’t in love with but use on laundry day? Can’t get your hands on the ‘of the moment’ print? How about drawing a cone of cotton candy on that pale blue, your favorite cartoon or comic on a boring black (print a template online or freehand it), or butterflies on a sunny yellow? Stamping or stencils are other great options! Be sure to follow all instructions to set the paint appropriately and wash separately until you’re sure the paint is colorfast and won’t adhere to your other diapers.

Difficulty Level=Medium

4. Fabric safe markers. Forget just using a laundry pen to write ‘your last name’ on baby’s diaper tag for day care. Take those hard to find prints you’ll ‘never give up’ or basic black to draw patterns on white and fill in the gaps with markers. I’ve seen bumGenius Alberts with color coordinated formulas and old school socialites with ‘hidden characters’ filled in. They look fantastic and are enough to make anyone jealous! The great part is that there’s no way to make a mistake since it’s your own custom look! We all learned to color a long time ago, right?

Difficulty Level=Easy

5. Change the snaps. People have gone ga-ga lately over diapers with multiple snap colors. With a pair of snap pliers, simple snaps and a bit of time, you can customize the snaps on all your diapers to be as rainbow (to explain what size to put on), college sports team (choose snaps or diaper of the main color and coordinate with the other!), or favorite character (red and yellow for Harry Potter anyone?) as you want! Working with snaps takes some practice so work at it a few times on some scrap before you alter your favorite!

Difficulty Level=Medium-Hard

From simply buying printed flats to getting your hands really dirty, there’s a DIY diaper (no sewing required) for everyone! So if you dare, alter your (baby’s) diapers this summer.

Bio: Jill blogs about her experiences as a stay at home mom to 3 girls, country living, cloth diapers, and a life 'just this side of crunchy' at

Disclaimer: Altering diapers in any way will void your manufacturers warranty.

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