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Monday, May 4, 2015

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5 Must Try Budget Buy Newborn AIOs

As a blogger that’s cloth diapered three kids so far, I often get asked ‘if you could start from scratch’ or ‘what do you recommend?’ for certain ages and stages. When it comes to newborns I’ve dabbled here and there with a variety of different diapers. As with any major cloth diaper purchase, trying out a balance of styles, brands and fabrics before deciding is best. That’s easier said than done when you want to use them in the hospital or once the cord falls off at home. Prepping them when you’re hugely pregnant is much easier than when you’re snuggling a fresh baby. However, you don’t have the luxury of buying 1 or 2 to try out if you want to use cloth full time from the start. How will you know what you will like? How big your baby will be? Boy? Girl? Team Green?

Unless you have a tiny baby, you’ll only get a few weeks of use out of them, and you’re likely also saving for one size diapers or at minimum a few new splurge purchases if a sibling came to cloth diapers at an older age. You’ll use them for such a short time with an individual child, so buying full cloth diaper packages when you’re not 100% confident about them might not be your best bet financially. The last thing you want is to pay big bucks for a whole set of newborn diapers only to find out that it doesn’t work for your baby’s body style.

My favorite way to cloth diaper a newborn is with a majority of prefolds and covers, with pockets or aios for night time (or lazy) changes. That being said, with each subsequent baby, AIOs have become more attractive, despite their higher price point. Let’s face it, when older kids are squabbling (the dog needs to go out, you’re late for an appointment), it’s good to have a one piece diaper to grab, fasten and go!

You’ve probably heard of newborn diapers from GroVia, bumGenius, and Rumparooz Lil Joeys. Many other long time diaper companies also have AIO diapers, some of them fairly new, and at great price points you can feel good splurging on for whatever reason!

If I was to start from scratch, here’s 5 all in one diapers I’d put on my registry as must-try budget buys!

Thirsties Newborn All in One - this was released only three months ago and their product photos made me instantly ache for a new squish to wrap this diaper around. Fitting babies from 5-14 lbs or until approximately 3 months of age, this has a wide weight range, which is good for moms of babies that may end up on the larger side. It is aplix free with an umbilical snap down, snap down rise and snap closures in colors that I’d mostly consider gender neutral so even moms that wait until ‘birth day’ to find out boy or girl, any color will do! Kelly’s Closet has them in solids, prints and the new Ocean Collection as well!

Kissaluvs AIO PLUS Newborn - another new newborn diaper! Okay this fudges the under $15 as it scrapes just over at $15.50 but their other one slides under the wire at just $14.95 (Kissaluvs All-In-One Newborn Cloth Diaper-in 4 gender neutral colors). Both are great budget choices from a brand that’s been around since 1998! They’re well known for their newbie friendly size 0 fitteds, so these AIOs are on my “next baby” list! There’s even a bright red in the PLUS for those who want a little pop of color- and the PLUS fits BEYOND 15 lbs with additional waist and rise snaps. As a mom whose smallest baby was over 7 lbs as a preemie? Yes please!

Imagine Baby Newborn Stay Dry AIO - fitting 5-13 lbs and coming hook and loop or snaps, this true newborn diaper that comes in several bright colors or fun prints (that coordinate with their awesome flat diapers!) the insert snaps down with a stay dry inner for sensitive skinned babes!

Imagine Baby Newborn Bamboo AIO - natural fiber newborn inserts are hard to find, and a 70/30 thirsty bamboo and cotton blend at a low price point is a winner! With only a slightly higher price tag than the stay dry option and the same sizing, this is a must for moms who only want natural fibers touching baby.

Sweet Pea Newborn All-In-One - I’ve heard so many good things about this brand and newborn diapers in particular! It fits up to 12 lbs when most one-size diapers begin to fit, and comes in a lot of colors and a few prints, including an on-trend forest friend (Raccoon!) It’s aplix for easy on, easy off changes.

What are your favorite newborn diapers?

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