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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Oh How I Love Thee...Mr./Mrs.Diaper Sprayer!

My darling hubby Scott has been so busy fixing up our 1794 farm house that he hasn't been able to install the diaper sprayer. I think I posted something about me hoping that he would install the diaper sprayer soon. (It's not done yet-LOL!)
So I am down at my shop- which by the way used to be my previous home before we purchased the farmhouse we call "Big Red".

Riley hadn't "ya know" in three days so he was due....for a big one (LOL!). He finally went and it was just as I expected. I was about to put his diaper in our Planet Wise wet bag when it dawned on me. The bathroom on the 2nd floor has a diaper sprayer hooked to it. Now without going into great detail two years ago my hubby grabbed one of the diaper sprayers and wanted to have it hooked up so it could be used like a bidet. (Side note- why do men spend 30 minutes in the bathroom doing "you know what"?)

So....I used the diaper sprayer for the first time on Riley's very soiled diaper. It was awesome. I love it. Now I have to get hubby to install the one at the house. I have placed the sprayer by the sink in hopes he will install it. (I think he might get the hint- what do you think?) I probably could do it but hate following directions!


KayStarGoesRawr said...

Oh wow! I've been wondering if they were worth the son is still BF exclusively so I haven't had to worry about that as of yet. We are in a rental unit and I do not want to have my husband install one if it is going to be a pain to relocate after a few months.

Diaper Sprayers sound so nifty! Especially after a conversation with my hubby's grandma describing dunking diapers IN the toilet...which while is apparently sanitary enough...really grosses me out honestly.

Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben said...

I bought a package that came with the diaper sprayer and I don't think we would be cd-ing without it. It is amazing! With this it gets the diaper most of the way clean before I even put it in the bag so I NEVER wind up with stains even with the worst diapers my boys can come up with.

the momma said...

I do love our diaper sprayer, too! I get a strange sense of satisfaction at seeing the soiled diaper completely clean of "you know what" just by a little shaking and a thorough spraying. After leaving our diaper sprayer beside the toilet for several days, and lovingly prompting my husband to install it, I took matters into my own hands... but with just my small, bare hands I wasn't able to sufficiently tighten the sprayer and so he had to come "fix it" immediately so that the little leak would stop! Regardless, the sprayer is now attached, works beautifully, and no leaking! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I'd love to hear more about using cloth wipes, esp. regarding using a wipes warmer and such... wondering if it would be worth my effort to also spray off any of "those" wipes???

Sara in Seattle said...

so far since my baby is just breastfed, I haven't had an occasion to use the diaper sprayer yet for diapers, but it works great for cleaning the toilet! LOL. I'm impressed by how much pressure the sprayer seems to get--I think it'll be really useful.

and my husband said they're a snap to install, and he's not very handy (don't tell him I told you!)

Serena said...

Your topics often correspond with my experiences! =) This will be long - but it all ties together and I'm in a sharing mood while I BF my little guy before bed.

I was in the waiting room of my OB/GYN doctor's office this afternoon when my darling 2 month old decided to have a HUGE blow out. Despite the "crowd" I decided to go ahead and change him.

I grabbed my lovely Ribbit green BG OS, my Planet Wise Black Curly Q wetbag which I use to hold my homemade terry wipes, my basic wetbag and my changing pad.

I notice two pregnant ladies and their spouses curiously watching me with all my stuff. I was actually glad to have an audience because here was my opportunity to provide a live demonstration of cloth diapering!

I undressed my little man - who happened to be in a Celery green Thirsties V2 diaper cover and a prefold (with a homemade fleece liner). One lady responded, "Wow, that's different. I haven't seen that before."

I proudly respond, "Yeah - these are cloth diapers." She continues to watch as I share with her how great cloth diapers are. She responds, "I always thought they would be so hard."

"Not at all," I assure her. "They're actually quite easy - not to mention a wonderful way to save money!" She and her husband then began to discuss cloth diapering before being called back for their appointment.

After my appointment I returned to my parents house. I decided I would rinse the diaper cover, prefold, and liner because it was a HUGE mess!

Oh how I wished I had ordered them a diaper sprayer weeks ago when my mom expressed interest in one. Talk about MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

I tried for 5 minutes and the poo was still sticking to everything! I gave up and decided to rinse it at home.

It was about 5 hours before I was able to re-rinse the diaper at home with my diaper sprayer.

The diaper sprayer is ROCK STAR AWESOME! In less than 2 minutes - the Thirsties cover looked almost as though it hadn't been poo'ed in at all - and the prefold was looking really good too.

And as if that wasn't enough - my almost 3 year old was just about to go to bed when she decided to poo in her nightime BG OS diaper. Naturally - it was a big loose mess! UGH!

But have no fear for behold I have the diaper sprayer! I first used it to wash her bum; then power-sprayed the diaper clean!

I absolutely must order a diaper sprayer for my parents home!

It is not only a time saver - but it helps prevent stains and it is excellent for personal use to stay fresh and clean after using the toilet.

Serena said...

PS... I initially asked my husband to install our diaper sprayer - but after waiting a couple days I figured I'd do it myself. I grabbed a wrench, briefly looked at the instructions (the pictures are helpful) - and in about 3 minutes it was hooked up and ready to go!

Of course I did this around 11pm at night when the kids were sleeping - otherwise it would have taken 10 minutes with my little "helpers."

Katie said...

This is a good post. I have always wondered about the diaper sprayer and how effective it is. So far I just do the "shake it off in the toilet" method and it seems to work. I do wonder, though, is the spray tough to contain? (Does it bounce of the diaper and "mist" onto other objects in the room?) My only hesitation is that I don't want to have to take a lysol wipe to everything after I use the sprayer.

Katie said...

I LOVE mine! I actually hooked it up myself and felt so accomplished (it's really easy, although still scary to mess around with pipes - I had images in my head of flooding the bathroom!)
It makes poopy diapers so much easier to clean up! And because they soak in clean, cold water until I'm ready to wash them, there hasn't been any staining. Hooray!

Angela said...

What great comments so far... I am really interested in getting one, but have havent in fear that my 4 and 2 yos will think that it is a water gun, also do you take the inserts out before cleaning the diaper with the spayer, I would think that it would hold lots of water if you did not?

Tanya said...

I have been on the fence about the sprayer. Our little guy is only 6 weeks old so we are just dealing with easy breast milk poop at the moment.

Kelly said...

I love my diaper sprayer. It works so well! My only advice is, depending on your water pressure, you may need to not turn it on all the way. The first couple times I used it, my water pressure was too much and I was spraying poopy water all over my bathroom. Now that I turned it down, no problems. I also use it to rinse out my diaper pail (with a little vinegar and baking soda)when I do a load of diapers. It is also useful in cleaning out the bath tub. Really, the thing has many uses in the bathroom!

Katie said...

Maybe I should get one. I do not have one. My 7 month old is still EBF, but my two year old's diapes are quite messy. I just have been "swishing" them . . .it is gross and messy.

I do have the same concerns as others of you. Would my 2 boys try to use it as a water gun? Does it spray water all over when cleaning the diaper?

Dani said...

I love our diaper sprayer, it makes everything so much easier. It's easy to install - it took my hubby about 5 minutes.

Montana Momma said...

I too had been wondering if worth the $$... but I've seen a lot of different uses besides diaper cleaning that have been posted. toilet cleaning, post-partum care, etc. I can't wait to get one!

Katrina said...

I LOVE my diaper sprayer. My husband installed it in about 10 minutes, and I can't imagine cleaning my cloth without it. It was definitely worth the money.

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Serena,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is neat to see how people react to "modern cloth diapers"! When most people ask me what I do for a living they initially roll their eyes. I then show them my Happy Heiny's Pocket diaper keychain. (Yes! it un-snaps just like the real thing.) They are amazed.

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Angela,
I would recommend taking out the inserts but you don't have too. (you are right the inserts will soak everything up)
Not even thinking I kept the inserts inside the BG os and it was pretty heavy.
On the flip side those his "ya know" was A LOT so I did spray for a bit so I am sure a lot of the urine came out of the inserts! (which isn't a bag thing-odor wise)

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Katie,
I think the key is to hold the diaper as close to the toilet water as possible and to lift the seat up. This way you can contain all the spray.
Oh geez my hubby would LOVE it I left the seat up for him (LOL)

The McKitterick Family said...

I LOVE THE DIAPER SPRAYER!!! If you have any questions about buying it, please don't hesitate any longer! I really don't think that I could CD without the sprayer. I couldn't imagine dunking diapers in the toilet. My husband installed the prayer in like 5-10 minutes, it hooks right up to the plumping on the toilet and has a hang hook that you can put right onto the toilet. I thought that my 17 month old daughter would play with it, but she hasn't touched the think yet!

Serena said...

Here's my response to the questions posted in the comments thus far:

I have a 4 and almost 3 year old (both girls) and they they do not play with it at all. There is a shut-off valve which you SHOULD turn off between uses. So long as you turn the valve off - even if your little ones managed to get the sprayer - they will not be able to hose your house down. LOL
Unless of course you have a more devious child and they manage to turn the valve on - then you potentially have a problem. However in two months I haven't had a single problem!

(Note: my darling hubby never turns the valve off after he uses the sprayer - it doesn't leak - but it is best to turn it off)

Inserts: I remove the inserts before rinsing the diaper. I also rinse the poo'd on inserts as well since they contain the poo juice *lol* (sorry for lack of a better explanation). And in an effort to cut down diaper pail stink - I rinse the inserts my daughter used overnight as her urine tends to really stink up the diaper pail.

Splatter: This depends on how high you turn on the water pressure. If you only turn the valve a little you get a soft water pressure - if you turn it on all the way - you will get a very powerful spray! After a couple uses you will find your "happy medium" and shouldn't have problems with splatter.

Another factor is the size/shape of your toilet. We have a rather large elongated shaped toilet so rinsing diapers in the toilet is quite easy.

I rinse the bulk off in the toilet and do my "detailed" spray in the sink or tub (getting in between the creases and folds of fabric where the elastic is).

Bonus: This sprayer is awesome for rinsing the bath as well! Another mama mentioned this - I just wanted to piggyback her comment for the many uses this little workhorse serves!

JGRUMET said...

I gave one to my sister and she loves it! She uses it as a bidet as well.....Went my baby starts eating real food I may have to invest in one.

Kristin said...

We are starting slids very soon (my son is almost 7 months old now... apparently people think we're "late in the game"!) and I am seriously considering getting one of these. I'm glad to know they work! What an ingenious idea!

EdenSky said...

Ok, diaper sprayer is next on my shopping list

Kelly said...

Seems as though most comment questions have been answered so I just have to say my life is 100% better now that I have a sprayer. I used the flushable liners with my first son but he was a messy pooper and I would still have to drunk and swish my diapers to get them clean. And I would have to sun bleach them every couple of weeks to get rid of stains (I used only prefolds then)

Well with #2 I decided to invest in a sprayer and wouldn't look back. To touch on the cost saving aspect, I truely believe it does save money, at least more me it does. With #1 I never would know when he would do his business so I was always lining his diaper with a flushable liner, and even with gettig a couple of uses out of the ones that one had pee I still went through a lot if liners from 6 months to 3 1/2 yrs. And not to mention the extra time I save by not having to sun bleach any diapers so far since the sprayer gets mine cleaner than I could eve imagine.

Senior Family said...

we love our diaper sprayer :)

Jennifer and Jason said...

I am excited to get our Diaper sprayer hooked up. I am hoping it helps get our diapers cleaner.

Angela Sundara...etc said...

I have this diaper sprayer in my changing table drawer, waiting to be installed. I started the installation (because it really is easy) but could never finish because we don't have a flexible hose installed on our toilet. Now we're looking at intermediate plumbing work before being able to install. Something you might want to mention on the product page.

Shari & Andrew said...

Oh, I need to get one! Especially before we start solid in a few months. At first I told my husband that I was only going to BF exclusively til he was potty trained because I didn't want to deal with non-BF poop!

Tanya said...

I'm still deciding on the sprayer for us.

Kira said...

the sprayer is a must! even though my baby is EBF, i still squirt off her poo diapers and it is super easy (just takes a few tries to get the hang of containing the spray to the toilet bowl). i use mostly pocket diapers and i've found that it is easier to leave the insert in the diaper when spraying because it is more stable in your hands and doesn't flop around. i just squeeze out the excess water over the toilet, then remove the insert before putting it in the pail.

God Displayed in my Family said...

so, did it get done? When I leave hints like this I usually have to ask my hubby why he still hasn't done it and then he will tell me, "but you didn't tell me that's why you put it there," LOL

God Displayed in my Family said...

I want one now, I have to get one!