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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Diaper vs. Dog

We spent a little more than a week in Orlando, FL with my family for the holidays. The last time we visited our family in Florida we stayed with my sister and I opted to cloth diaper at that time. Since we were staying with my sister again I decided to go ahead and pack up our diaper stash and continue with our cloth diaper routine. However, since our last visit my sister’s family has welcomed a new member to the household - a puppy. Jethro, the now 8 month old 55 pound family dog added quite a bit of entertainment during our stay.

Brendan woke up a little after 7am the morning after Christmas. His portable crib was set up downstairs in the office; when I opened the door I was overwhelmed with the smell of a very dirty diaper. I quickly changed him out of his pajamas and put on a clean diaper before heading upstairs to get him dressed (wouldn’t want that smell wafting through the house). I rolled up the diaper and put it in the downstairs bathroom where I had been rinsing out the diapers and storing my wet bag. Then I peaked into my nephew’s bedrooms to see him and my older son Ian sound asleep. I also noticed Jethro still fast asleep in his crate.... on the other side of a tall security gate.

You know where this is going, right? Not more than five minutes after I went upstairs to get Brendan dressed I hear my sister calling, “The dog has your diaper!” At first I thought that she meant that the dog had gotten into the stack of clean diapers I had outside the office door. I washed and folded a load the night before just after putting Brendan down for the night.

I quickly walked down the stairs to find the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper laying in the middle of the tile floor outside of the bathroom… and it was NOT one of the freshly laundered ones! It was the dirty, yucky diaper I had just changed moments before. Completely disgusted by the thought of the dog “cleaning” the diaper, my sister banished Jethro to the back patio and gave him a breath freshening dog bone to gnaw on. I picked up the diaper, threw it in the wet bag and continued to mop the floor where the dog had dropped it.

After pondering how the event unfolded that morning - the only thing we could think of was my 6½ year old nephew must have woken up, let the dog out of his crate and then failed to lock the gate which typically keeps him confined to one side of the house. Too bad my nephew wasn’t old enough to clean up the mess... I don’t find mopping the floor at 7am a particularly exciting way to start the day!

Ultimately, however, I’m glad my diaper held up to the “doggy test” and we can now all sit back and laugh at the unforgettable morning.

Final Score: Diaper 1 Dog: 0

-By Katrina W.


Jennifer said...

My dog has done this on 2 occasions. The last time was last week. He came down the stairs and instantly threw-up on my rug. Needless to say I make sure to keep dirty diapers out of doggie reach.

Amanda said...

Our dog will do it too!!! Let me tell you though, I'd rather have him do it to a cloth diaper than a sposie! Unfortunately he got a sposie last week, and it was in shreds all over with the gel EVERYWHERE!!

The Camerons said...

Been there! Our dog Daisy has found a "taste" for them. Grrrroooosss! So now we make sure all of those dirty duds are well out of reach!!

fancygrlnancy said...

I have been lucky that the dog has not done this yet... not to say he would not if given the opportunity.

Cari said...

More than one of our diapers have had the "dog test" too...and thankfully all have survived. I agree that I'd prefer that to when he gets the disposables. They're so rare around the house now that I forget about them sometimes, but he finds them! Yuck!