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Monday, February 15, 2010

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Product Focus: Easy Fit Diaper; a very different kind of pocket diaper!

Bummis and Tots Bots have teamed up to introduce a very special North American version of the best selling Easy Fit diaper from the UK.

The Easy Fit diaper is an exceptionally luxurious and soft one-piece diaper with a TOTALLY simplified stuffing system. The design of the Easy-fit makes un-stuffing a messy diaper really easy and significantly less messy than any pocket system! This is an innovative design, and very different than anything available on the North American market.

• One piece design featuring an integrated waterproof layer
• One-size (8-35 lbs) and very adjustable
• Unique easy-to-stuff and easy-to-clean design
• Trim fit with fantastic function and absorption!
• Soft and luxurious – made with premium fabrics and components
• Also available in a very special Tini Fit version (5-12 lbs), a great option for preemies, multiples, and newborns

The Easy Fit has a trim and attractive fit, and comes in white and 5 trendy colors; lemon, lime, orange, blueberry and pomegranate. Engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience - it features rayon from bamboo for quick contact absorption (70% faster than cotton!) as well as a new type of microfiber to hold more liquid. Protective side guards are made from anti-wicking, soft-brushed polyester to prevent compression wetness and leaking.

Built with dependable and long lasting fabrics and fasteners that are backed up with a solid warranty, the Easy Fit comes in lovely minimalist packaging with low environmental impact!

Bummis and Tots Bots are each long standing cornerstones of the reusable diaper industry in North America and the UK respectively - both focused on creating highly functional products within a sustainable business model. Their collaboration in bringing this product to North American retailers has created a winning combination of design, function and presentation.

The Easy Fit is made in fair trade, ethical conditions in Glasgow, Scotland.


Megan said...

These sound great...there's always something new to try!

anthony said...

These look like something fun to try! Expecting baby #5 in Sept. and am thinking it would be nice to add some new fluff to our stash :)

Erin_A said...

I'm really liking the look of this diaper. It'll defiantly be added to my list of must try's.

Anonymous said...

These diapers sound well made. I'm excited to try them.

Njos Family said...

Very cool - I always love looking at the new diaper styles.

Arizona Girl said...

Cool, another brand I didn't know about before.

Anna said...

It's always great to hear about new diapers...thanks for the info!

thejepps said...

Would love to try these...maybe by winning! The colors are great, too. Wondering if snaps might be in their future?

Crystal said...

These look great! I like the idea of an easier stuffing system, although it isn't clear to me how these work. I'd love to give it a try though!
aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

JAS said...

This looks like a diaper I would like to try. Thanks for the info.