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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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#DiaperShops Trended #4 Worldwide!

Where were you last Thursday night? If you were on Twitter you were joined by 446 other people tweeting about Diaper Shops 9th birthday celebration. With 550 registered guests we were successful in more than just a Twitter birthday bash. The hashtag #DiaperShops was the number 4 trending topic WORLDWIDE during the hour long (day long for some) celebration. While it may have only lasted for about 20-30 minutes it was a great feeling to see #DiaperShops in the sidebar of Twitter ABOVE Justin Bieber (who is always trending). We had a total of 2062 tweets on April 29th alone that used the #DiaperShops hashtag. During the actual party we managed to tweet over 1500 times about our love for Diaper Shops and their chain of cloth diaper stores; including Kelly’s Closet.

Winners! Did you miss the announcement of the winners? @dontpatthebelly took home the iPad for pre-registering for the party (we’re all jealous of you!!) @crazymamaoffive, @curllyq124, @amandamemories all took home diapers from Diaper Shops. @missigator and @mphin278 took home the Rumparooz diaper packages. Finally, @chany10 tweeted away with the Grand Prize of the evening; a nine pack of cloth diapers compliments of Diaper Shops!
Were you a top tweeter? While some of you may be new to Twitter there are other expert users who have mastered the skill of Twitter Parties. Of course @EcoMomMedia and @DiaperShops made the list but so did these fine cloth diapering lovers: @soonershauna, @laurengregory, @newwife777, @chelsealdk, @rockingreensoap, @zookeeperjess, @mummatutu, @katrinawelch.

Did you know you can go back and read all 2062 tweets from the party? Since the party moves so quickly I often miss some important stuff myself. While I know it would be nice to get all your questions answered during the party sometimes it’s more important to build relationships with fellow tweeters and the sponsors so you can go to them after the party with your specific questions. Here is a copy of the transcript for your reading pleasure. Just be sure to grab a drink; you may be here a while!

Oh yeah, and did you notice towards the end of the night we had some party crashers? That happens when you make the trending topic list with #DiaperShops. People had fun with our hashtag once they saw the word diaper in the list. While some of their tweets may have been distracting (or somewhat rude) just imagine how many people just might have seen us all having fun talking about cloth diapers and decided to research them at Diaper Shops. I always try to use times like that as teaching moments and hope that just one more person may decide to try cloth diapers because of us.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the evening:

Regarding the effects our parties can make on the lives of others @ChristenFlowers writes “at the last party I was bummed that my daycare wouldn’t use CD, well they decided they will! Awesome Christen that’s a great accomplishment.

@Missjennabelle: WE BEAT BIEBER!!! #DiaperShops// ROCK ON! #DiaperShops
Of course I also have to share some of the humorous ones from our party crashers.

@AmbERAVAIANCHE: #DiaperShops? How has this become a trending topic.

@GaryJBusey: How come I get funny looks when I ask for a fitting room in #DiaperShops?

@P45K: f*** the shopping malls! Justin Bierber’s next tour performances will all take place in #DiaperShops

And thanks to @Rumparooz for pointing out that “some tweeters could use a diaper for their potty mouths!!” Yes, they do!

And finally, I think @greyidmom said it best with “Thank you for the party @Diapershops! *Raises her glass* Here’s to another 9 years and MORE!”

So when’s the next party? Visit Eco Mom Media for a list of Upcoming Events. Be sure to stay tuned because Diaper Shops is planning another party during the summer!

By: Calley of Eco Mom Media


hosiewosie said...

never thought i'd be so "old" that technology would be so far beyond me- it was fun though

Jenna said...

The snarky comments from the party crashers were part of the fun, though - we've seen them do some pretty creative stuff with our various hashtags! :)

Mama Campbell said...

That's so exciting! Yay cloth diapers! This just further proves that I need to learn how to get better at twitter parties. hehe.

zookeeperjess said...

I'm so excited I got a top tweeter! Woohoo! Hey, I didn't go to twitter jail for nothin'! :P

Anonymous said...

I forget which party crasher said it and what exactly was said.. but i was rolling.. it was response to us talking about fabric and he said something about the insert made of cardboard wasn't absorbent enough. Help! Of course it was funnier the way he said it.. i thought it was hilarious.