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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Organically Raised Event in LA

I was lucky enough to attend an event over the weekend to celebrate the launch of Anni Daulter's Organically Raised at The Green Cradle in Los Angeles. The organic-only store was an apt setting for the event, given that they exclusively sell eco-friendly products that are 100% natural ( though they only sell one organic fitted diaper, which surprised me) and Daulter's book is a focused look at the importance of being mindful and conscious of what we are feeding our babies and toddlers - organic, tasty, healthful foods.

Attendees got to sample Hint flavored water and yummy canapes, as well as each receiving an awesome June 15 canvas goody bag, which contained some great stuff. Looking through my bag, I found a copy of Organic Manifesto (in hardback!), an EcoBaba stainless steel baby bottle, a cute Under The Nile tomato toy, a Moby blanket, Oh Plah! teething cuff, a Diaper Shops chico bag, a bottle of Little Twig bubble bath, and a full size of Badger baby balm as well as a several samples of various green products and written information on the companies who had donated everything, packed in a canvas Kids Konserve lunch bag. Sweet!The event was very glossy and came across as high end while still being very approachable. When I got to the table to get my copy of Organically Raised signed by Anni, we talked briefly about organic feeding and also how it truly shapes not only a baby's health, but also their future taste in different flavors and foods. That's definitely been my experience, even though I only really committed to making organic foods for my second child who now happens to be 11 months old and loves to eat a wide variety of things.
As the afternoon came to a close, there was a massive prize draw that featured dozens of great diaper bags and shopping bags filled with fantastic Earth-friendly products, 2 Svan high chairs, and even a fabulous 2010 UppaBaby Vista. Hopefully the lucky winners put their swag to good use, making Los Angeles a tiny bit greener. Every little bit helps, and one step at a time we'll get there, thanks to events like this and authors like Anni Daulter spreading the word.


Suzy said...

That sounded like fun! Great event to get people out there.

Amanda said...

Looked like a really fun event!