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Monday, September 13, 2010

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Eagle Scout, Africa and Cloth Diapering – an inspiring story

So I just got wind of this amazing Eagle Scout Project that our friends at FuzziBunz have been involved with. A young 15 year old scout, Ian Woldt has recently completed his Eagle Scout Project Uganda where he worked on providing necessary house improvements to a Baby House in East Africa, as well as obtaining necessary medical equipment to help the babies who live there. FuzziBunz proudly supported Ian and his project by generously donating 500 Cloth Diapers. We all have heard of how much need there is in Africa to help babies and it is wonderful to see our cloth diapering community chipping in. Upon completion of his project, he wrote:

Eagle Project Uganda has been completed, and the Baby House in East Africa now has a new water system that provides clean drinking water, as well as hot water, and water storage tanks. The Uganda Childcare Clinic now has an Oxygen Concentrator, a supply of pediatric oxygen masks, pediatric oxygen regulators, and a baby weighing scale. I brought six extra pieces of checked baggage with me, which also included 500 cloth diapers donated by FuzziBunz in New Iberia. At the end of the project we even had enough Ugandan Shillings left in the Eagle Project fund to buy a swing set for the children!

All the missionaries I worked alongside in Africa were overwhelmed by the generosity of my American friends, and they send heartfelt thanks for all we were able to accomplish.
You can read my report of how much was donated and how I put it to good use, at I also made a short 4 minute video in Uganda, which will show you around so you can see what we did together and how the water system works. There is also a Uganda Photos page, so you can see some pictures.

Thank you for helping me make a very tangible difference, that will last for many years!

Sincerely yours,

I don’t know about you, but just reading this story and seeing the photos I can’t help but to feel proud of the work Ian and the Eagle Scouts program have done. I feel inspired to reach out and continue my stewardship in even more ways than I do now. – see photo below


heather said...

wow wow wow! what an incredible young man! it really is inspiring to see the difference one person with a vision can make. this is also a great example of how the Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful organization that instills strong moral values and leadership skills into its participants.

Nicole said...

Wow, that is awesome!

Alycia said...

Amazing story- great job guys!!

Katie L. said...

thats a WONDERFUL gift for the babies and those who care for them.

Autumn said...

That is an amazing young man with a heart for underprivileged children and their families. It warms my heart to see companies pitch in and help spread the benefits of cloth diapering plus stepping up to encourage our youth to become future "think outside of the box" leaders.

Jenney said...

Wow, this is an awesome story. We have some Fuzzibunz one size and they are a great diaper...and now I also think they are a fantastic company!!!!

StephanieU said...

That sounds like an AWESOME Eagle Scout project. I am glad FuzziBunz got word of it and was able to be a part too.

Dreaming Mama said...


Emily said...

So amazing!! I'd be very proud of my Eagle Scout!