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Thursday, October 7, 2010

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What Your FuzziBunz Diaper Color Choice Say about Your Mood

Have you ever wondered what your FuzziBunz diaper color symbolizes? I’d like to break down what some of our popular FuzziBunz colors mean and what they may say about you and your baby too!

Grape: Grape FuzziBunz are a rich shade of purple. Purple is made of red and blue hues. This color is associated with royalty and nobility and some say surrounding yourself in shades of purple brings peace of mind, calmness and even a little mystery. Wear Grape on days of celebration for your little one.

Cotton Candy:
Cotton candy is a light, pastel pink. Pink is formed from a combination of red and white. The more red that is added, the more pink the color becomes. Some say pink diffuses aggressive behavior and can bring about calmness, relaxation and contentment. Wear pink on lazy days inside to bring calmness and tranquility inside the home.

Big Sky:
Big Sky is a light shade of blue – and it truly is as blue as the sky. Blue gives off a cool vibe that can improve energy flow and create a peaceful environment for days you feel you need a little inspiration.

Apple Green:
Green is the color of nature, earth, fertility and sustainability. It is the most restful color and is worn by those who seek balance in their lives. Green is known to offer protection from anxieties, so wear Apple Green on days that may be long and stressful.

Watermelon is a rich red color. Red is known for being the warmest color of all and symbolizes many things. Red often shows off a fiery side, and the Chinese believe red is the color of joy and prosperity – that is why they often paint their doors red. Wear Watermelon on days you need to give your baby an energy-boost or days where she’s being a fiery little tot!

White shows off wholeness and completion as well as clarity. White often symbolizes purity and a new beginning, as brides wear white on their wedding days. Where white when you’re looking neutralize the day or on special occasions for your baby’s life, like a religious ceremony.

Choco Truffle:
Brown is a mixture of red, blue and yellow and has become known as a stabilizing color. It’s not fiery like red, or calm like blue, rather it’s a color that can blend in with the background. Brown often gives off feelings of wholesomeness and a connection with the environment. Wear it on days spent at the park.

Mac N Cheese:
This color is a bright yellow which symbolizes the blazing sun. Yellow bring about creative energy and also symbolizes wisdom, joy and clarity. Wear Mac N Cheese on days spent doing art, music or dance.

As you can see, the color diaper may suggest a thing or two about your mood – or your baby’s mood. These color suggestions are just that, suggestions. I personally liked to coordinate the color diaper with my baby’s outfit – but I’m now giving new thought to what color to dress my baby in each day! Enjoy!

Known as the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper,” Tereson Dupuy invented the cloth diaper that started the entire modern cloth diapering movement more than a decade ago. She later turned her invention into what is known today as FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 1999. As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights.
By Tereson Dupuy


Alycia said...

Best post EVER!! Who needs a mood ring when you have cloth diapers??? Fuzzibuns always has the best and boldest colors!

Kara - Wife, Momma, Doula said...

My favorites are Apple Green and Brown and that describes me pretty well :)

Janae said...

I love putting my son in the green diaper - because it makes me happy. So I really do think that it helps reduce stress. :)

Dreaming Mama said...

I love this! I always try to coordinate the diaper with my baby's outfit. I also choose my favorite diaper when we are on outings so show off to other people. Of course, my favorite is always changing, now I know it's because of our moods, lol.

Nate and Aimee said...

I love this post! :)
I only have Choco Truffle so far of the new colors. My 16 month old wears it and I just got it in an XS for her new sibling due in March/April. Can't wait for a Fuzzibunz photo shoot with the 2 of them!! :-D

Britiany T said...

I need a watermelon one and a Mac n cheese one!

Anonymous said...

I want to tweet this, but the URL is too long. Why doesn't the 'tweet it' shorten it?

Forever Ambrosia said...

My fav is the buttercream! What does that say about me?? I usually love everything in bright colors, but I find myself drawn to the simple beauty of this color on a diaper.

Lindsi said...

This is a super post! I am SOOOOOOO in love with the watermelon color!

piratepenny7 said...

I think this is a cute post but I just match my son's diaper to his clothes and his clothes to my clothes. haha. The problem is if you don't have enough of the color for the whole day you end up with a mismatched diaper and that always bothers me... ha. I guess I have to buy more diapers!