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Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Pampers Dry Max Suit Up for Dismissal Amidst Parent Claims of Severe Diaper Rash

According to, Proctor & Gamble is seeking to have the lawsuits about its Pampers Dry Max diapers dismissed. The company says that there is no evidence that its disposable diapers cause severe diaper rashes.

Currently, all the lawsuits related to the company's Dry Max diapers have been consolidated in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati - and P&G says all these claims are based on "speculation" - not evidence.

Last March, P&;G unleashed its Dry Max technology on its popular Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers because it made the diapers less bulky. Since then, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received approximately 4,700 reports that the diapers containing Dry Max technology allegedly caused diaper rashes.

Both U.S. and Canadian government officials say they have been unable to find a connection between Dry Max technology and severe rashes on babies, however, anyone concerned about it should stop using Pampers diapers that include the Dry Max technology and report their concerns to the CPSC immediately.


Ballerina Baller said...

the only time my first had diaper rash so bad she was bleeding was in pampers. we changed her all the time and even if the diaper was dry 10 mins after putting it on her she would get raised bloody bumps alll over her cute little tush, we started using gerber tri folds and some plastic pants i found on one of my dolls in my moms attick. fast forward, our new baby has only used disposables till we ran out of our first 15 pack. (that miconium is even harder to get out of cloth than regular poo)

Simply Live said...

Wow. That is sad. I still think that cloth diapers would be the best option. They seem to be all around the safest and most cost effective way.

Amber Eaton said...

I didn't believe in the Pampers problem until it happened to someone close to me. They switched to cloth and are the reason I am cloth diapering too.

Shannon Pixie said...

I'm just curious as to what would be acceptable evidence? I know a few people whose doctors gave a diagnosis of "chemical burn" from the diaper.

Catherine said...

I used to use pampers when traveling or if I didn't have diapers stuffed, etc. I read about the dry max but never had a problem myself. Then, one night I didn't have any CDs upstairs so my husband put our daughter in a Pampers with Dry Max when she got out of the bathtub. One hour later, I took her back upstairs to put her to bed for the night. I took off the Pampers and everywhere the diaper had touched her was bright red and hot to the touch. I know that if I left it on her any longer, she would have had open sores. This is not diaper rash, it is a chemical burn! I haven't used a disposable diaper since this happened. There is obviously something wrong with the production of these diapers.

Clay Family said...

I had a friend whos baby had a severe blister burn from pampers :(