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Monday, February 7, 2011

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My Diaper Bag: Double Duty

I am currently cloth diapering two children and this means I need some serious space in my diaper bag.  Although they do take up more space, cloth diapers are not hard to use when out and about.

I currently use Vera Bradley’s diaper bag that I got on an after Christmas sale a couple of years ago.  I love the roominess and built in pockets.  I love that I can put in several pockets/inserts and still have room for my wallet, wipes, and other necessities.  Another plus is that this bag came with a cloth diaper changer that is machine washable.

Here are some things I include in my diaper bag:  wet bag, 2+ diapers per child, Grandma El’s diaper rash cream (I have a child with food allergies, and rashes on his bum are part of the fall-out), cloth wipes, ring toys for the baby, lightweight change of clothes, nursing clover up, a burp cloth, crayons, scrap paper, and bubbles.  I always keep extra things to do in the diaper bag for those “moments” we all have as moms.  Travel size bubbles, like those given out at weddings, are a GREAT distraction for my kids.  I simply re-fill them when they run out or get spilled.  There isn’t enough in them to be any great problem if they do spill, and it is soap water…no harm done!

I keep the “extra” stuff in my interior side pockets, and my diapers/wet bag in the main part so I can easily grab them.  My wipes I usually keep on the inside also, but it can also be beneficial to have them on an outside pocket…always those times where little hands and noses need wiped.  Cloth wipes are great for just that.  I love that my cloth wipes (I make my own solution from a recipe I found at Kelly’s Closet) don’t have added chemicals, so I feel free to wipe their faces and not worry.  I keep my cloth wipes in a “regular” travel wipes container.  I check them before we leave the house and if they are dry, just add a little more water.

Sometimes though we are just taking a quick trip to the library or grocery, and I don’t really need several diapers.  In that case, cloth diapers are SO handy.  I simply take along a small wet bag.  Into the wet bag I put my wipes container,, a one-size pocket, and an insert.  If someone does need a change while we are out, I simply snap my one-size to whoever needs it and adjust the insert accordingly.  My Bum Genius diapers work great for this very thing!

I know other cloth diaper moms who only use cloth them at home, not out in public.  I find that not only do I continue to help the environment/our budget/their bums by using cloth outside of the home, I also am able to answer questions others have about cloth diapering and help spread the love!

By Jenney


Mindy said...

I am expecting our second in september and am already worried about the diaper bag situation. Thank you so much for the tips. The bubbles are a great idea!

Betty said...

Thank you so much for all the recent posts about traveling with cloth. I was really wondering how that would go. It's nice to see that it is so easy!

Emma said...

I use a Dakine backpack for our diaper bag and love it! It has a lap top area in the back that holds our changing mat, wipes and wet bag. The main pocket holds a full days worth of cloth diapers, change of clothes, burp wrag, toys, and anything else. Then it has 2 side mesh pockets perfect for water bottles. 2 front pockets hold all my things, keys, phone etc. But the best thing is it has a insulated pocket that I can keep milk and food cold with. None of the traditional diaper bags I used were ever big enough for cloth diapering. And since it's a backpack my husband doesn't mind carrying it either!

Amanda said...

I would've LOVED to have a VB bag, but there's no way hubby wouldn't carried it!! :(

Jamie said...

I LOVE your diaper bag. Do you know anywhere I can find used Vera Bradley bags or good sales? Do you know what this bag is called? Since I started cloth diapering, we never use disposables, but I've had trouble finding a sizeable bag for longer trips out.

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

This looks like an amazing bag. I am on the hunt for a new bag myself. We usually use a back pack, but that's just not cutting it these days, and while it holds everything the pockets are just so deep I have to dig to get at it all!!

meason98 said...

I was so nervous to use cloth outside the house at first... then I did it and realized it was actually MUCH easier than I ever imagined. Yes the diapers take up some extra space but I'm never left with a dirty diaper that needs a garbage can so I can change my little one anywhere! And now we have some disposables on hand "just in case" but one box lasts us a few months!!! ;-)

Megan said...

I have a Vera Bradley bag too and I love it! It is so roomy!

Anonymous said...

I had the hardest time finding a roomy enough diaper bag and that is only for one! I finally hit the jackpot with a JuJuBe Be Prepared bag. Worth every penny! I can't rave enough, it's perfect for cloth diapering, I mean if leaks happen I can throw the entire thing in the wash.

Caty said...

Hi Jenney!

May I ask what the dimension of your diaper bag are?! I'm having a HORRIBLE time fitting everything is the "regular sized" diaper bags that I got as gifts for my shower a long time ago and I can't stand it anymore. I've only got one babe that I cloth diaper, but I want more room! LOL!

Could you email me at with the info?

Thank you!