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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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REAL Moms Use Cloth Diapers!

There have been so many articles in the news lately about the "great diaper debate" of cloth diapers versus disposables.  The reporters sort through a plethora of statistics and stereotypes to write a story.  They examine the pros and cons from every angle of each choice and a lot of focus is on environmental impacts (as it should be!).  The recent "green wave" is getting some further media for cloth, but it's blowing life and cloth diapering out of proportion.  This debate is about more than numbers and "going green"...these are real babies and real moms!  REAL moms use cloth diapers!

What do I mean by this?  Some of these articles might lead people to believe there is some sort of "cloth diapering mold" that cranks out green moms in a giant clique.  Honestly, reading some of their words had me picturing an army of moms with babies in cloth strapped to their hips and making hateful shouts in front of disposable factories.  These moms are green activists through and through...they don't ever allow their child to (gasp) drink from a plastic sippy cup, eat a fast food meal, or crawl on synthetic fibers!  They are green to the core!  They are simply aghast at seeing plastic diapers in public, and ostracize other moms for using a diaper and throwing it away.  This army of cloth diapering moms is a snobby, mean bunch!

But STOP the presses!  This news story may sound exciting and filled with all the tensions, confrontations, and debates of a good read, but it's not the true story. 

Who are these real moms that use cloth?

Gail was given some cloth diapers at a baby shower, and thought...why not?

Jill is trying to be greener and use cloth, but still likes the convenience of disposables for traveling and nights.

Ashley uses cloth because it's been handed down for 3 generations!

Deidre's child has severe rashes from using disposables, and she has no other option but cloth.

Cynthia uses cloth because she wants to save money!  ANYTHING for saving!

And me...I first bought cloth because I thought they were CUTE!

The real story is that you can't get moms that use cloth in a box!  Moms from all walks of life choose cloth for reasons as diverse as the individuals themselves!  (Even though it's common to see any cloth diapering mom cite all of the great benefits).  It's been labeled the "cloth diapering clique," but what is it really? 

Cloth diapering moms form a community of real people with lives as varied as the cloth you find in their washing machines!

We have drawn together to share our wisdom and experiences with cloth diapering as a resource and as friends.  And we have friends that use disposables, and share with them all the other things that make up this great journey of motherhood!  This community has no sentries or gates to keep anyone out.  You don't have to flash a cloth diaper to gain entry or seek the camaraderie of motherhood!

And cloth diapering moms often can't help but share their excitement for their diapers.  There are no judgments attached to encouraging others to try cloth.  It's as simple as recommendations for dealing with behavior problems, potty training, or that new restaurant around the corner....real moms want to share what they love, and what works!

So, this news story isn't really news at all.  Cloth diapers are being used by many moms everywhere, and they love them!  Looking around the world our diapers may be different, but inside we are all the same.  One beautiful moment of welcoming new life made us a real mom...and some real moms just so happen to use cloth diapers!


Dreaming Mama said...

AWESOME Post! We are REAL moms.

Nancy said...

I hate the generalizations that go along with the parenting choices we make! I feel like I am middle-of-the-road in so many aspects of my life, but I've been labeled by friends because of extended breastfeeding, delayed vaccines, baby-led weaning, and cloth diapering. These are just some of the choices we have made, though, and not because we have some agenda, just because they work for us. I love this post and think I am a "real" mom!

dannyscotland said...

Rock on, I love this post! I love my cloth diapers, but I was going to use them even before I knew about the modern ones. I was all prepared to use white flat diapers with pins and dunk and swish in the toilet. I think it's because my mom used cloth and then so did my best friend (9 years ago!) so I knew if she could do it, I could, too.

Rylee's Mommy said...

This was perfectly written, every word rang true!

Heather said...

Thanks, I often wonder what people think as I take my little boy's fluffy bottomed bum into McDonald's after his MMR shot...

Maybe that's exaggerating a bit (we prefer Chick-fil-a), but I definitely do not fit in the CD stereotype! I started with Gerber vinyl covers and prefolds b/c they were cheap and it's what my mom used on me. Now I've got a few "modern" styles, but my favs are Flat folds and a cute cover!

Polly said...

LOL, I am such a real middle of the road Mom, I don't even know what Baby led-weaning is! I use cloth because I love my baby in them. They are cute, and he has never had a diaper rash. I find it wonderful that I don't have to always run to the store. Now all I have to run and get is FORMULA!

Jenney said...

I love this post. It needs to be published on the evening news.

We are just people. I use cloth 99.9% of the time. But once in a great while...I don't.

We eat very healthy most of the time. But sometimes we order pizza.

I use all natural cleaners in my home. But I do still have one bottle of Lysol aerosol (GASP) in my cupboard. Granted, it has lasted over 5 years...but it is still here.

And sometimes....sometimes...I yell at my kids.

We are real people. Humans. Not some green army.


kitsune said...

Well said!

The Tapia 5 said...

Awesome post. I love it. I still get crazy looks from people around me when I tell them I cloth diaper my kids. I am in no way a "crunchy" mom and probably wont ever "fit" that stereotype. I love my modern conveniences, just not the nasty ones they call disposable diapers. Thanks for the excellent post!

JulieM said...

Love this post!!! I started cloth because of saving money and now I'm totally addicted. You should submit this to some news stations that have been making it only about being really green.

Jazz said...

I have beef with the headline of this post. I think this is the kind of thing that turns moms off from green parenting...does it insinuate that parents who use disposables are not "real?" Plus, this blog post just reeks of SEO...did it really need to link to Kelly's Closet all those times it mentioned cloth diapering?

Mrs.Pyrex said...

Thank you!!!

Meg said...

I'm raising twins (and cloth diapering) in Utah. When looking for a Mothers of multiples group, I came across one in my area that seemed promising...until I read on their website that they recommend 'sposies because "The time you save is more time with your babies." As a proud cloth diapering mom, I was so sad to see this. It wasn't just a recommendation for 'sposies, it was a recommendation against cloth. I'm happy to say that I spend no less time with my twins because I cloth diaper! ...and I never joined the group because of it.

Sarah said...

What a beautifully written article. Thank you!

Erica said...

When I told my mom and grandma (who both used cloth diaper) that I planned to use cloth diapers, they responded with an overwhelming "WHY?!" The truth is I do have an agenda. It is to save money for things that matter more than diapers; like staying at home with our son, starting a college fund, establishing a debt free home, etc... After all the hoopla, I have found that cloth diapering is almost as easy as disposables, just another couple of loads of laundry a week in the grand scheme of things. I am happy to be a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, homemade babyfood making, stay at home mama. If that labels me, fine.

Lara + Chris said...

I agree that there's this weird stereotype that goes along with cloth. I can't wait to break it once LO arrives!