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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Double Doody (Cloth Diapering Multiples)

Finding out we were pregnant with twins after the struggle to get pregnant was such a wonderful surprise. My husband and I always knew we would cloth diaper our baby, but when we found out we were having twins; we really had a reason to use cloth – saving money!

We informed our family and friends that we were planning to cloth diaper the twins and received some cloth diapers at the baby shower.  I really wish I would have registered at Kelly’s Closet for my baby shower, because a lot of people didn’t know what to get or where to buy cloth diapers.

I bought more variety for my diaper stash from Kelly’s Closet and loved that I could use a coupon for a free diaper with my order. I had prefolds, flats, pocket, and hybrid diapers. I wanted to try different types and then stock up once I knew what worked for my two babies.  I decided to buy mostly one size snap diapers because snaps last longer and kids learn early on how to undo hook and loop fasteners.

My initial stash for the twins consisted of 12 pocket diapers (including Bum Genius 4.0s, BabyKicks, Kawaii, and Fuzzibunz), 7 Flip diapers with stay-dry inserts, 4 diaper covers (Thirsties Duo and Econobum), prefolds, and flats.

With the struggles that come with breastfeeding and caring for newborn twins, we decided to wait until we felt comfortable before exclusively cloth diapering. I used pocket diapers in the beginning because they seemed easiest for me and my husband. We then started using prefolds and flats with covers and Flips. I found that I preferred using the Flips during the day and the pockets at night and on the go.

My son had very skinny legs and my daughter had chunky legs, but I found that the Flips fit well on both of their body types. When using the inserts I started off putting the excess of the folded insert in the front for boys and the back for girls, but that got to be such a pain so now I put all the Flip diapers with the excess in the front. I always put my diapers away pre-stuffed; I find it easier for my life to do that.

Lots of people ask me why I would cloth diaper when twins alone are already a lot of work. My biggest response is the money. The first month home with the twins, we were too overwhelmed with other things to start cloth diapering. We spent over $150 in disposable diapers the first month and filled two garbage bags with dirty diapers every week. We were just throwing money away.

Now that we are cloth diapering, I don’t feel like using them is any harder than using disposables. And we rarely have enough garbage now to take the trash can out on collection day. We also don’t have blow outs like we did in disposables, so I don’t have poopy outfits to worry about. I do my diaper laundry every other day and have a drying rack inside my house. I actually find that stuffing diapers relaxes me. It forces me to sit down for a couple minutes.

I’m very happy using cloth diapers and make sure to wash them properly with a diaper safe detergent (Rockin’ Green) so that hopefully, one day, we can use them again on baby #3!

By Christine D. - Christine enjoys her new job as a stay at home mom to her twins, Michael and Malia. She loves natural products and saving money which makes using cloth diapers a no brainer.


jessw said...

Cute babies! I like Flip for daytime better too.

Starr D. said...

Good for you, Christine! I have 21 month old twin boys, and have CD since they were 7 days old. We, too, decided to CD early in my pregnancy, but that BFing was more important to us all, and to wait to start CDing until we were comfy at home with our other routines in place.
This all changed when I got them home and found that it cost us $30/day for the preemie dipes required for my lil chicken legged babies. When they were 7 days old, we made the switch and havent looked back!
During my pregnancy, we told everyone we were planning to CD, and even registered for some dipes on Amazon. We were met by harsh critics (friends and family alike), mocked, and told we wouldnt make it past a week on cloth. No one bought us a single CD because they thought they were 'gross' and that we wouldnt be able to make it.
I built up my own stash throughout my pregnancy, and have slowly added to it. We started with prefolds and Thirsties covers, and now have over 50 dipes of all varieties. I have convinced plenty of friends that CDing isnt 'gross' but still havent been able to convert anyone.

Holly said...

I recently switched to cloth with my twins, and when we switched they were 10 months old. My husband thought I was absolutely nuts, but I was just so tired of watching money fly out of the account for diapers, wipes, and diaper genie liners. He definitely was picturing us having to pin the cloth diapers we use for burp rags onto our twins, and once I showed him otherwise, he has been totally on board. He doesn't do poopy diapers, however, he didn't do them with disposables either. I have to say we had the huge problem with blowouts with my daughter, it was almost once a day! By that time, I was washing enough poop to pretty much be the same as cloth diapering, so that was the end for us. We have been in cloth for a little over a month, and just finally ran out of our nighttime disposables, so last night was our first "cloth night" and I am so happy to say it was a success!! If I would have known 6 years ago what I know now, my older son would have been in cloth, too!

Anonymous said...

I have twins, plus a singleton (we had the twins first & they are now almost 4). I wish I had known then what I know now, b/c I could have saved us soooo much money! We started cloth diapering late with our third child, and I LOVE it. If we go for a 4th, it will be cloth all the way from the get go. Hopefully you can inspire moms expecting twins to give it a shot!

Leta in Indiana said...

Congrats to you and I am glad to see another cloth diapering twins! My boys just turned 5 months and love the cloth. I also have a very supportive hubby who is fully involved in the cloth diapering and laundering process!

Ginger said...

We cloth diapered our twin boys from the beginning...well...I think I waited about a week when their bits and belly buttons were all healed up. Most people thought I was crazy, but it really wasn't that big a deal once we were on a schedule. We are starting potty training now and I will miss my cloth diapering days!

HannahBG said...

You're an inspiration! :~) My husband and I both love cloth diapering our 11-week old baby boy, but I have to admit that it's a bit daunting to think of having two in diapers!

Anonymous said...

I have twins, and we did cloth diapers. We loved it.

Anonymous said...

I have twins, and we did cloth diapers. We loved it.

Ann said...

It's like I was reading about my experience cd our b/g twins!!

Melissa said...

When we found out we were PG w/our oldest, I wanted to CD and I started doing research. But w/all the stuff to learn for taking care of a newborn and the fact that I was planning on going back to work @ 3 mos, it just never got beyond the research stage. So we used sposies w/him. When we went in for our 1st U/S w/our 2nd PG and saw that 2nd blinky heartbeat... the 1st thought that went thru my head was "Holy cow, that's gonna be a LOT of diapers!!" LOL So I got serious about my research and jumped in feet first, though, like you, we also waited to start until we kinda had our feet under us (like 3 mos, LOL). And I still feel guilty to this day when ppl want to talk to me about why I decided to CD that my answer is "dollars and cents!" Yes, I love that I'm saving 8000+ sposies from the landfill and that it's so much healthier for my kids, but those dollar signs that flashed on that screen were mighty, mighty! LOL I'm glad to see someone else say it out loud! :)

adamswifey said...

so impressed with you! i can't imagine all that you get accomplished in a day with twins. hats off to you lady. seriously. i think God creates certain people with the amazing capacity of love to raise multiples. then He blesses them with such precious babies.

good job.

Brittany said...

We cloth diaper our twins too! I really isn't that hard and we save BIG bucks. Love it!