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Monday, June 27, 2011

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The Evolution of Poop

It is amazing how much your life revolves around poop once you have a baby. Potty talk changes from four letter words to the constant discussion of the ins and outs of your little one’s potty habits. How many times has she gone today? How much? What color? What texture? The discussion could go on and on. For those mamas out there that use disposable diapers, poop is definitely on the mind, but the thought of it ends when the paper hits the trash, so to speak. For those of us with little ones in cloth diapers, the poop doesn’t stop there.

When my daughter was born and we struggled to figure out breastfeeding by counting wet and soiled diapers, the discussion about poop was pretty constant. The poop was yellow, grainy, runny and in every. Single. Diaper. We called it mustard poop. What do you do with it? Did we throw our diapers in the washer, poop and all, like many of my non-cloth diapering friends assumed? Well, no. We invested in a diaper sprayer and I religiously sprayed out each diaper after it was filled with the mustard poop. I would then run a pre-wash on the diapers with no detergent and then I would run a regular cycle with extra water and an extra rinse with my Soap Nuts or Rockin’ Green. Most of the diapers would be back to their original crisp clean white, but some would, inevitably, be stained by the mustard poop. I hung the diapers out in the sun to dry and voila! The sun always bleached out those nasty little stains.

Fast-forward a few months and all of a sudden our baby girl stopped pooping every five minutes and starting pooping once every other day. Just like clockwork. Since we knew exactly when she would poop, we put a CuteyBaby flushable liner in the diaper. When the little one pooped, we simply flushed the liner and all the poop down the toilet. No diaper sprayer or sun bleaching needed.

Once we started solid foods, our little darling started pooping around the clock again, but this time it was in mass quantities and looked more or less like big people poop. Jeez. I can’t even count the number of times I have wondered how this baby can poop so much more than she eats! We are putting in the CuteyBaby liners to catch the poop and it more or less does the trick. Every once in a while the hubs will forget to put a liner in or the poop is just too much for the liner. That’s why I am still so glad I have my bumGenius diaper sprayer. All we have to do is spray the diaper and throw it in the diaper pail. They don’t even stain anymore!

I guess our next step in the evolution of poop will be potty training. Too bad we can’t keep their sweet bums in fluff forever!

About Jananna
Bio: I’m a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, multi-crafting, dress sewing, bow-tying mama of my sweet baby girl Catie Grace who was born 11/1/10. Oh yes, I do have a name and an occupation- I’m Jananna Cornett from Chattanooga, TN and I just finished my Master’s in Elementary Education and will be a first time teacher in the fall.


Serenely said...

I found this an intriguing read as my little one's poop evolution is exactly the same! he's very close to your catie grace's age (christmas day 2010) so we're right on the mark with the solids version of the stuff. thanks for sharing... it's kinda nice to know that my baby is growing healthily and normally :)

Amanda said...

Soooo true how convos change to describe the color, texture, consistency and frequency (and stink) of our child's BM!

Higgs' Happenin's said...

Wow that little girl is cute! I love her big bow. Hard to believe she can make poos with the pros. This is good information, I think that I will invest in an extra roll of liners. I think that would be a good alternative to using them for newborn sticky nasty poo? Does anyone object? I'm a newbie so any information would be AWESOME.

Higgs' Happenin's said...

I forgot to say. I also ADORE that first picture in the laundry basket. I'm inspired, when baby is born it's picture taking time.

Jenny said...

I tell people that cd-ing means embracing the poop! I have a very strong gag reflex so I have no issues with handling poop, which I do a LOT. I spray and wring out with bare hands all poopy diapers and wipes. Then wash my hands well. My first child was in sposies and there was always a wipe or diaper between hand and poop but cleaning cloth is much more up front and personal. But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

*Jill* said...

AAAAHHH!! Jananna got published on our favorite blog! :) I'm proud to say that I helped convert Jananna to cloth while she was pregnant!

Oh and to Higgs, I would use disposables until the meconium is gone. I've heard it's impossible to get out of cloth.