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Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Extreme... Diapering!

With the "Extreme Couponing" craze going on right now, everyone is in the money saving and couponing mode, which is a good thing!

I myself have started to coupon and I'm constantly on the lookout for good deals and ways to be a better steward with our money.

While going through all the ways we can save, my diapering came to mind. Not only does using cloth diapers already save us a good amount of money, but it would save us even more if we did what most of the extreme couponers do, and never buy anything at full price! It is possible, and takes about ten minutes of research to find a good deal!

Reward Points
One easy way to save when buying diapers is to shop at stores that have rewards points. At Kellys Closet, you get 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you hit a certain amount, you get a gift card to use at Kellys Closet! If you are buying diapers already, its just money back into your pocket! Kellys Closet makes it easy to track your points and purchases, this takes no time at all, and can earn you up to $75!

Did you know that by submitting diaper blog entries to Kellys Closet, you can get 75-100 diaper dollar points per entry if they use it? Yep! Just writing three entries will get you a $10 gift card! And of course, the more you write and your entries are used, the more points and money in gift cards you get!

Giveaways has giveaways every week! Its easy and fast to enter, and you can win some pretty awesome things! Follow them on facebook and twitter for exclusive giveaways as well!

Spotlight Mom
Every month Kellys Closet has a Spotlight Mom who answers questions about their family, hobbies and of course, cloth diapers! Sign up to be a spotlight mom, and you can get a $25 gift card to Kellys Closet!

Cute Baby of Cloth
A monthly photo contest of your cute baby in cloth! All you do is submit a photo of your baby in cloth that goes with the theme for that month. If your baby wins, you get a $15 gift card to Kellys Closet!

Cloth diaper "seconds" are diapers that are either used, or have some type of manufacturing mistake. My first seconds diaper was a brand new bumGenius 3.0 for $9 because one of the dryer tabs was not in the right spot. To this day, I have no idea where else the tab is suppose to go! It works just like all of my other BG's that have the tab in the right spot! Check out your favorite diaper shop for deals on seconds diapers!

Last, but not least...Coupons!
Coupon codes! There are almost always some kind of coupon codes to use at Kellys Closet and other major cloth diaper shops, giving us no reason to ever buy a diaper at full price! Take advantage of free shipping offers, B1G1 deals, and money off your orders! Kellys closet,, facebook, twitter and signing up for the Kellyscloset newsletter are all great ways to find coupon codes and sales.

With all of these easy ways to save, there is no reason to pay full price for a diaper! Do a little looking around before you make your purchase, and you can save big time on cloth diapers that already save you money!

-Shay P.


Michelle said...

Thanks for this list. It is a good refresher on how to save on cloth diapers. I didn't realize that Kelly's Closet gave points for blog entries.

Jennifer H said...

I still really, REALLY wish there was free shipping to Guam if our order is big enough to qualify for it!!!! :/

Melissa Duckett said...

We sweated it out in line at Cotton Babies in STL for the $1 used sale... I was sooo pregnant, but we got 25 diapers and inserts for around $50 or $60, plus picked up a few other things that were essentials... I used the heck out of those get one free coupons, bought a set of the buy five get one free BGs and we were set! I actually splurged on some extra diapers just to get the colors I wanted for specific events! Still, we probably spent less than $300 total on nearly 50 diapers and even more inserts (and hemp night time inserts!)... and they are all ONE SIZE diapers, so we won't spend a dime on anything else unless my heart desires it!

maudrey82 said...

I haven't paid for shipping a single time, I always buy enough to get it free. I've also ordered preused diapers and they have arrived looking brand new. When I was pregnant and going to the doctors office all the time, there were coupons for buy one get one free on bum genius diapers.....yes, took lots of advantage of that one. I see this post is about kellys closet, and I love them, I've ordered lots from them. But cotton babies offers free shipping on any amount of purchase which is a saver. And there are deals on craigslist too sometimes. Go cloth!!