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Thursday, August 4, 2011

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Affordable Organic Cloth Diapers

When I was new to cloth diapering I was overwhelmed with all the different styles and brands available. There were diapers with Velcro, snaps, velour, and even pockets. All of them were adorable, had different styles and fit, and they were all made with different materials. Some were waterproof with the very popular microfiber inserts, some were cotton or organic cotton, and much to my surprise some were even made with hemp. Growing up in a household that reused and recycled pretty much everything (as in, I got all my sister's hand-me-downs), my children were destined to have fluffy bums of some sort.

Apart from finding the right closure, style, and fit (which is mind boggling at the beginning, as we all know), I felt like I was also faced with another hard decision: natural or synthetic. For a big part of my life I strived to be green and "go organic", so my future children and grandchildren have a beautiful world to live in. And, of course cd's are WAY more eco-friendly than sposies, but I still conflicted with this and had to weigh my options.

The upfront cost of cloth can definitely put a dent in anyone's budget. So, the price of different diapers is something to take into consideration. There are lots of different diaper packages available that will reduce the cost of each diaper when you purchase a certain amount, so definitely use them to your benefit! You can save upwards of $1.50 per diaper when going this route. With all of this info stored in the back of my mind I compared organic diapers with others made from synthetic materials. I found that, when looking at the big picture, I really wouldn't be spending that much more if I chose to go with organics. For a dozen organic diapers I would be spending about $60 more compared to diapers made with synthetics. And, that's the high end, for organic diapers that are about $25 each. There are lots of other options that cost significantly less and are still made with natural and organic materials; you just have to look for them (yay "Search" button!). Some retailers, like Kelly's Closet, also offer a free diaper with purchases over a certain amount. Who doesn't like freebies? Another great way to get the stash you want without spending a ton of money is to ask for cloth diapers as gifts, or even buy them gently used.

In the end, the key to my organic stash was taking advantage of all the possibilities I just mentioned and the fact I would still be saving a ridiculous amount of money over disposables. I did also have to trade 2 nice dinner and a movie dates with my love, but all in all, it was definitely worth it!

Gina is a green living advocate, and mom of two boys (ages 2 & 3), who has cloth diapered exclusively for 3 years. A self-proclaimed tree hugger, she loves to share the benefits of all things natural and organic.


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Maia G said...

I prefer organic materials over synthetics because I feel like they work better and are better for baby. My absolute favorite material is bamboo. It is super soft, absorbent, and trim!