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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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The Stay Dry Fleece Liner: A Versatile Accessory

Cloth diapering is simple. Depending on your baby and your diaper preference (prefolds, pockets, AIOs, etc.), there are very few extra accessories that you should need. That being said, one accessory that I find extremely versatile and helpful is a stay dry fleece liner. Not only are they inexpensive, but there are many ways they can be used to make cloth diapering even simpler than it already is.

Many moms go to a local fabric store, buy fleece fabric, and cut their own liners. I chose to order a 6 pack of bumGenius stay dry liners. In the future, I may try to make my own, but I wanted to be sure I had a quality liner to start.

My main reason for needing a fleece liner is because my daughter has sensitive skin that tends to get a mild diaper rash every so often. I have Grandma El's cloth diaper friendly rash remedy (another fabulous product), but I was hesitant to use it without any protection on the diaper. I have heard that some people experience repelling issues even with "cloth safe creams." The stay dry fleece liners work perfectly at keeping the diaper safe from the majority of the rash cream while also helping to keep moisture away from her skin.

Another benefit of the stay dry liner allows me to use my favorite diaper for naps and overnight. I absolutely love the fit and absorbency of the bumGenius Elemental all in one diaper. Because it has organic cotton against baby's skin (which is a great feature), it means wetness is going to be against my daughter's sensitive skin for a long period of time. With the stay dry liner, I can use the bumGenius Elemental diaper AND keep her dry. Win/win!

As if it wasn't versatile enough, the stay dry fleece liner is also very easy to clean poopy messes off of. By 5 months, my daughter became quite "regular." Because I know when she will poop most of the time, I can have a fleece liner in the diaper and make the clean up with God's gift to cloth diapering, the diaper sprayer, even easier.

Cloth diapering is simple. You do not need stay dry fleece liners as an accessory to your stash, but it sure does make a difference in a variety of ways. Whether the liner is used for protecting the diaper, protecting the bum, or catching a mess, they are worth the small investment of time and/or money.

Bio: Michelle is a part time stay at home mom to her 6-month-old daughter. When she isn't reading cloth diapering blogs or scouring the Internet for fluff deals, she can be found reading, running, or out and about with her husband and baby girl.


Ladyinwaiting35 said...

I agree they are a lifesaver. I made my own with clearance ALOVA Suede. Perf for this task. and its thinner than fleece.

Ladyinwaiting35 said...

i agree totally. I used ALOVA Suede for my stay dry liners. I made about 10 of them with 1 yard plus i also made 3 pocket sleeves to hold a booster to lay in the diaper for added protection overnight.

Rosemarie said...

My son is recently experiencing diaper rash pretty bad (one of the blisters actually broke open). I thought maybe it's the prefolds rubbing him raw ... anyway, my question is: could you use this liner over prefolds (which is the majority of our stash)?


Cari said...

I love to use fleece liners (and my flips when I need extra absorbancy too) on overnight diapers (all we're using at this point) so I can use the fitteds and covers which makes way less leaks in the morning :).

Rosemarie - We used them over prefolds for nighttime diapering all the time.

Boise Wiebers said...

The Cotton Babies fleece liners are my favorite. I stopped using flushable liners because they crumpled up so much I didn't think they were worth the expense. Now I use the fleece liners in every diaper, not for the stay dry effect but to make cleaning poopy diapers easier. Very rarely do I have to dunk and swish an entire diaper. Only the liner goes in. (I don't have a diaper sprayer.)