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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Fluffier Butts And Saving Bucks

Three years ago, I was single, childless, and working my way up at a brokerage firm in the DC area. I enjoyed things like: fancy dinners, expensive handbags, and puttering about on “mom-blogs” during my lunch break. I fancy myself a bit of a renaissance woman. It was amongst these "mom-blogs" that I discovered the secret, addictive world of cloth diapers.

At first, I thought cloth diapering was a weird, earth-mother throwback. I mean… they invented disposables for a reason, right? Oh, but then! The more I read the more sense cloth seemed to make. I like the environment! I like avoiding chemicals! I like saving money! It was all over when I saw how cuuuttteeee babies are in cloth diapers. Who can resist a little fluffer butt? No one. That’s who.

Three months ago, I gave birth to my first child. He is as much a fan of cloth diapering as much as I am. Who wouldn’t want to coordinate their onesie with their underthings? I mean, obviously. Anyway, let’s take a step back. You should know one thing about me when it comes to cloth (and life in general). I need easy, streamlined, easy-ness. Cloth is, above all else, a very simple system: One removes soiled diaper, puts diaper in wet bag, puts on clean diaper, washes soiled diapers as needed. Easy. This is one of the main reasons I went cloth.

Aside from my need for realistic simplicity, I feel very strongly about keeping as many unnecessary chemicals away from my son as possible. I eat organic, avoid medication at all costs, and use fragrance free products. Why should my son deserve any less? Cloth diapers are fragrance free, bleach free, and scary -unpronounceable -chemical free. Since switching completely over to cloth, I have noticed far fewer diaper rashes. Win!

Speaking of scary- unpronounceable- chemicals, let’s all wrap our heads around plastic. Plastic takes forever to break down, guys. Science! Just think of how often a newborn poops. That is a ton of soiled disposables clogging up our landfills! Think of the fuel it must take to create all those disposables and ship them to retail stores. Environmentally speaking, cloth diapers are hands down the best option. While I may not always remember to recycle or choose the most sustainable option, this is one small way I can say I’ve helped make the world a little bit better.

Now, let’s get really honest. Money, guys. Money. I have invested about $300 into cloth diapering. I have several pocket diapers, a million inserts, fancy soap for said diapers and inserts, and two wet bags. I could have easily spent more. There are so many cute options out there! I had countless friends and family members tell me that cloth diapering was too expensive to even consider. Yes, $300 does sound like quite an investment for products my child is just going to poop in. However, long term? I’m saving a couple grand. Let’s all just take a second and let that sink in. Yeah, $300 doesn’t sound so bad anymore does it?

So there you have it. Cloth diapers rock the environment, my schedule, my wallet, and my son’s heiny. Also, the fluffer butt! Irresistible! Simply, irresistible.

By Brenda S.: I'm a new wife and mom living it up in suburbia and writing all about it on my blog. Aside from my little family, I love cooking, having fresh nail polish on, and tabloids.

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