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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Our love for the Fuzzi on our babies Bunz!

When they arrived in the mail I was beyond excited, I was actually a little nervous to open them and see if they were what I had been drooling over for the past 8 months on the internet. Regardless I opened the package as fast as I could and pulled out that plush, bright, soft FuzziBunz and I knew I was hooked! I inspected them, snapped them in every size that was possible, could they really fit an 8 pound baby and a 35 pound toddler? It took every ounce of self control I had not to race over to our daycare provider’s house to see how P would look in them. I wanted them washed and cleaned so that he could wear them when he got home, so I threw them in the wash with our Seventh Generation laundry detergent, our Rockin’ Green wouldn’t be here for a few more days and sat in front of the washing machine waiting for them to finish! I hung them up to dry and went back to work; my mind was on them all afternoon! When we got home I ran right over to the drying rack and to my dismay they were still damp, even the covers were damp. I was a little disappointed that it would be another day before we got to try them out, but I knew it was worth the wait!

When we finally made it home the next evening I instantly raced over to select a cloth diaper, a brown one, and put it on P. His face lit up with joy at the new comfier version of protection that covered his bottom. I was instantly in love with this diaper, the inner micro fleece was soft and plush, even after being washed, and the inserts were so easy for me and my husband to stuff in the pockets. The adjustments for his size were perfect, insuring a perfect fit for his chubby legs and pot belly. We were amazed at how comfortable he looked and seemed. He was so proud of his new attire that he actually refused to allow us to put pants on him that evening. Although they held up to 3 dirties that evening, with no leaking, blowout, or any other form of seepage, I was still nervous to let him sleep in it over night. I didn’t want him to wake up in the morning drenched, but my husband insisted that we test them out, especially because P woke up 50% of the time wet from peeing out of his disposables anyway, so we really wouldn’t be doing him any more harm. On went a green apple FuzziBunz one size, double stuffed, under his basketball jammies and we kissed him good night and went about our night, me constantly thinking about how the diaper was holding up. When my husband went in to change him the next morning, P was perfectly dry, even his “area” was dry to the touch! That was the sealed deal on my love for cloth diapers and FuzziBunz!

Our initial ordered was made up of 12 One size FuzziBunz to get us started, but because I am curious and love to compare brands I have since received one BumGenius 4.0 one size, one Rumparooz G2 One Size, one Flip one size with insert, and One FuzziBunz Perfect size in Large. I have to say that my favorite by fair is FuzziBunz, both the one size and perfect fit are great choices. The FuzziBunz seems like a better one size diaper then the others, the way that you can adjust the legs and waist is perfect for us. The micro fleece in the inside of the diaper seems thicker and softer, as do the inserts. They wash amazingly well and they are the ones that our little guy seems the most comfortable in. The other diapers are great diapers, but our go to diaper is definitely FuzziBunz!

Bio: My name is Amanda and I am a mother to two amazing little boys and am expecting a little girl in December! I love photography, running, yoga, cooking, traveling, my family, but most importantly watching our children discover the world around them! I aspire to be a stay at home mom one day, hopefully soon. I am newly addicted to cloth diapering and loving every minute of it :)


Traci Martin-Robinson said...

you sound like me!!!!!!! i thought i was a little "weird" but i see now that us CD'ing mammas are just a little "different"!!! LOVE this post sooooo much! thank you for sharing!

Nicole said...

I LOVE my flip covers, I hope you like them too! Yay for fluff mail.. its the best isn't it?

Claire Dillon said...

Mine are being shipped right now! I'm so excited!!!