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Thursday, October 27, 2011

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A Cloth Diaper Emergency at the Doctor's

It was time for my 15 month old's follow up visit to the doctor's office. I took off her clothes for her weight as always and she had already wet her Flip insert. No problem. I told my honey to please bring me the diaper bag where I had a BabyKicks in orange. I always try to bring the prettiest brightest diapers to the doctor's office. She came back without the bag and said, "Uh, did you bring it?" In horror I realized that I pushed the stroller there and there was no diaper bag dangling off the handle as usual. Thinking quickly I said, "Bring me the receiving blanket!" I could do a pad fold and voila! A fresh diaper. I just reused the liner that was on top of the Flip, after all it's a stay-dry. I had no wipes and no wet bag. I had to put the Flip in a plastic bag that my sweetheart had in her backpack. I figured the girl who works there didn't have any disposables or she knew I didn't use them so she didn't offer me one. Nevertheless my baby girl was dry and happy… then she did something she never did before.

She pooped at the doctor's office! Oh. My Gosh. Okay, it's on a liner and she hadn't wet the flat. No problem. My sweetheart disposed of the liner for me with the waste in it in the office's bathroom while I wiped the baby with wet paper towels. I turned the receiving blanket turned into a flat inside out and she had a clean dry diaper. Thank goodness I used her brother's old diaper cover that trip! And I mean old. He's 17. She's usually in a pocket diaper. This cover is holding up remarkably well after 18 years! Thank goodness I know about flats from BumGenius and the Flats Challenge through Diapershops. Whew! Crisis averted.

Tiffany Law - Nursing student in New York City with four children in a domestic partnership.


Carter's mom said...

You did a great job!

Selina said...

Crisis averted! Good job being creative with what you had available, and yes - thank goodness she wasn't in a pocket! LOL

Tiffany Law said...

Thank you, ladies.