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Monday, October 3, 2011

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The Importance of a Good Nighttime Diaper

When my baby reached the three month mark she hit a ton of new milestones at the same time. She started cooing and giggling with recognition. Her head got strong enough for her to hold on her own. Most importantly, she started sleeping for longer stretches at night. 

Since Hannah was born a few weeks early, the pediatrician originally recommended I feed her on demand, which often amounted to every 2-3 hours at night. I was also following the suggestion to change her before meals to help wake her up since pre-term babies have a tendency to fall asleep nursing. After she hit the 3-month mark I started changing her after meals and experiencing leaks for the first time. We needed to find a new diaper, stat!

I ordered new diapers and began prepping them in a separate wash, following the manufacturer's instructions. You should always wash new diapers separately because they can distribute the oils that we are trying to get rid of to your other diapers. Also, some manufacturers recommend hot vs. warm washes, so not every cloth diaper becomes absorbent with the same prep work. Even stranger, while prepping some diapers I found that the same types of diapers gained absorbency at different times. Before using them, I checked them in the sink using the age-old test of pouring water right into the diaper. When I was finally confident they were ready, I would use them during a nap first- and always with a lap mat underneath my baby just in case.

Even though not every diaper worked at night, I took the time to learn and appreciate how they could work well during the daytime. I visited the manufacturer sites for helpful tips on fitting the diapers, such as buttoning snaps from the bottom up to ensure they are snug. I also found out that some Moms use their microfiber inserts in combo with a Swiffer for a green, antimicrobial way to clean the floors. What a great way to re-purpose your stash after baby grows out of the diapers!

Ultimately, I’ve settled on using Fuzzibunz in size Small with a hemp doubler. I also made the switch to using cloth wipes and keeping them in a warmer so they are more soothing at night. She’s growing quickly, so we will have to begin trying diapers for the next phase soon.  If you end up in a transition stage between sizes- don’t give up on cloth right away. Seek help on the message boards or from the manufacturer directly. Also, if you haven’t reached this point yet, save some of your cloth budget in case it happens to you. Sweet dreams to you and yours.

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Mandy S said...

Thanks for this post -- my little one will be three months this Friday, and last week we started having leaking issues for the first time (we've been CDing exclusively since she was 5 days it was a big surprise to us!). We've been experimenting with different diapers and doublers, too. Glad to hear we're not the only ones!