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Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Making the Switch: Why We Decided to Cloth Diaper

A few months ago my husband and I made the decision to start cloth diapering our now 16 month old and 7 month old. There was a lot of thought that went into the decision. At the beginning it was a bit scary and overwhelming when we first started to do some research online about all the different types of diapers available. After research, discussions with other cloth diapering mommas, and taking a look at all the pros and cons, we decided that cloth diapering was simply a win-win decision.

The following are the reasons why we decided to make the switch. I’m so glad that we did! I would never go back to disposables. What would motivate you to make the switch?

1. I imagine that finances are probably the biggest reason most people make the switch. We have 2 babies in diapers. Even though I looked for the best deals and clipped coupons, we were still paying about $.20 per diaper, and $.03 per wipe.

Lets imagine that I change my boys every 2 hours except during the middle of the night when they go 8 hours without a change. That’s 12 diapers a day. Now, doing the math:

12 diapers X .20 a diaper = $2.40
24 wipes (2 wipes per change) X .03 = $.72

Together that is $3.12 a day, or $21.84 a week. That’s $1135.68 per year! Assuming my kids are geniuses and potty train at 2, that’s $2,271.36.

In contrast cloth diapering, buying the most expensive diapers and wipes, creating a 2 day stash of 48 diapers (again, to change every 2 hours), and 48 cloth wipes, would cost about $1000! That’s less than half the cost even with some of the pricier diapers!

We haven’t spent anywhere near that much. Bargain shopping, sewing my own, and utilizing cheaper options (like prefolds/flats and covers), we have been able to create a stash of 38 diapers, including 7 of the premium diapers, for around $300! And our cloth wipes were free because they were either sewn out of towels and flannel blankets we had around the house or are newborn washcloths that I never use.

2. The second biggest reason for the switch was due to the health of my babies. Ever since the most recent changes in diapers, and the introduction of the newest absorbing materials, my sons started getting red bums. I could not clear them, no matter what I tried.

Discussing the issue with one of my friends, the idea of trying cloth diapers was suggested. Not wanting to put my money into it, I grabbed some flannel receiving blankets, safety pins, and googled ways to fold the blankets. Just using them part time, at home, I began to see a vast improvement in the rashes. Before long I was completely sold on the idea of cloth.

3. There is a trend going right now to be more green and conscientious about our earth. Its not a new trend but I have seen it increase. I’ve always tried to do my part to help protect our world, but when it came to diapering, I never even thought about how much of an impact disposables would make.

When my second baby was born, we started filling our diaper pail within a couple of days. Seeing the huge bags of diapers that we were filling our trashcan with started to really gnaw on me.

I knew that disposables did not disintegrate, and I hated the idea of contributing to the huge piles of trash. I do not want to leave that behind for my kids or grandkids. With cloth diapers, I know that I am leaving a much smaller impact on our world.

4. The final reason for making the switch is for the cuteness. Who can help but to fall in love with such a cute tush?

Dana G is the proud stay at home mother of 2 handsome baby boys and the wife of a marvelous man who serves our country in the Air Force. You can check out more of her tips and stories on

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