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Thursday, January 5, 2012

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Cloth Diaper Storing

I store my diapers in the way that works best for me. I have seen countless amazing ways to do it but just thought I would share my easy and inexpensive option to storing diapers.

I have a Munchkin baby care cart that has whells to move around if needed and only costs about 20 bucks! I have 25 pocket diapers(BG 4.0's and Kawaii GNHW), prefolds, 6 covers(Flip and Kawaii) 2 all in two's(itti bitti d'lish), and about 30 random hemp and microfiber inserts that I fit in here along with my cloth wipes that I store in a disposable wipes container and all of my other supplies.

I use a squirt bottle for my wipe solution and I just spray and wipe. I personally love to have my pockets ready for use by prestuffing them because my son is very active and its hard enough to get him to stay still to get changed without also having to stuff his diaper. I put these in one section on the top so that its easy for my husband to find if he needs to. On the other side on top I have a basket with my CJ's butter, lotions, spray for wipes, Kissaluvs concentrate to make spray, Snappi's, liners and other misc. baby stuff.

On the second shelf I keep my Kawaii good night heavy wetters prestuffed with one microfiber and one hemp insert for overnight along with all my covers and a couple AI2's that i tried out but didnt love. On the other side I keep my prefolds and all my microfiber and hemp inserts that are extras. The bottom two rows are misc. stuff. I keep my one large Rumparooz wet bag in my bathroom and it hangs on my closet door so it is out of the way and I use a diaper sprayer for poopy diapers and I have to say my diaper sprayer is my favorite accessory. I started without one and now that I have one it is so much easier to clean dirty diapers!

I have a medium Planet Wise wet bag that I keep in my diaper bag for when im not at home. I use a Skip Hop diaper bag and I have never had problems fitting everything in it. I also exclusively breast feed so I have more space because I dont have bottles or formula cans. I have never used a changing table because I find it is easier to change diapers on the floor or on my bed if its not a poopy one!

My son is only 8 months old and still nurses and cosleeps so as of now i keep this storage cart in my room but I like that once he sleeps in his own room I can easily move it in there. Good luck finding a way that works great for you, and have fun with it. Isnt that what cloth diaperig is all about? I suggest making sure you have some extra space because you can never have too many cloth diapers and believe me the cute ones are hard to resist! ;)

Rachel is a stay at home, proud cloth diapering mom and wife to an amazing husband, 6 year old son, 4 year old daughter and 8 month old son who loves being green and teaching others how easy it is to be green. She is passionate about breastfeeding and organic living and loves to shop for cloth diapers.


about pollyanna said...

I've seen the munchkin organizer at Walmart been meaning to buy it think I'm going to buy it now!! Thank you so much for this post interesting and helpful. God Bless You

Darlene S. said...

I'm glad you posted this photo. I am expecting a newborn any day now and I had no idea how others organized their stash. This looks convenient.

Thank you for also posting the names of the diapers you like, BG 4.0 and Kawaii were the two I wanted to invest in mostly as I know my husband will appreciate the "disposable diaper" ease of them.

I'm curious to know how often you have to do laundry with such a big stash. We are starting with about 12 BG 4.0's and building from there for our newborn, so I expect to do laundry everyday. LOL. Maybe you've already posted about this? Thanks!