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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Finding a laundry system that works!

The most challenging thing that came with cloth diapering our little ones was the laundry. Oh the dreaded laundry!

Unfortunately, you can't just throw a dirty diaper in your normal hamper and wash them like your other laundry. It's a whole different monster to figure out, and after month of trial and error, we finally found the system that works for our growing family of 5!

I have to admit, when I began cloth diapering, the only thing I wanted to spend money on was my stash! Which meant cutting every corner possible when storing dirty diapers. We began by stashing them in tied grocery bags, yikes. It worked OK for a little bit. Until a few months later I gave in and bought a hanging zippered wet bag that everyone seemed to be raving about. I loved it at first, being able to toss it in the washer with the diapers and not having an actual trash can taking up space in our tiny little laundry room. Months later, the zipper on it went haywire! It wouldn't zip, it was ripping off the seam leaving a "hole" in the top of the wet bag when closed. We all know that even just a small hole or open spot can let out a ton of yucky odor. My husband tried to fix it with a zip tie (we spent $30 on the thing, had to try!) but we eventually ended up throwing it out.

We had one more thing to try- the pail and liner, for some reason I had really been dreading this system. I bought a medium size trash can with a lid that shut tightly, and a pack of cheap trash bags until the liner came in the mail. First diaper in, and I was in-love! Why didn't we just do this in the first place? So, so easy, and the absolute best part for me is we do not smell a thing! No odor seeping out even when it's full to the brim! We still get the convenience of the wet bag by being able to toss in the liner, too. No bags, no faulty zippers, no odors! To think it took cloth diapering our second child, and months into it to figure this out just proves that cloth diapering can be quite the learning experience and series of trial and error! But I am so thankful we found the system that works for us as we are expecting our fourth child, our third cloth diaper baby!

Shay is a stay at home mom of three little girls, a foster mom, and a regular TCDW blog contributor. When she's not homeschooling, changing diapers, or snapping pictures, she spends time blogging about their journey in the foster care system, family, cloth diapering, and raising kids. You can follow along at


Christine said...

It took me about 8 months to finally bite the bullet on the pail liner too.

I started by using my diaper genie until I ran out of refills. Then I made a liner out of a cheap shower curtain. They kept falling apart (duct tape and cheap vinyl can only be washed so many times). The diaper genie only holds about 6-8 cloth diapers and I needed it to hold about 20. When I got fed up with that I bought a trash can from Wal-Mart and did the same thing with shower curtain. Still wasn't trilled with it, so I used trash bags until my pail liners arrived.

I LOVE my pail liners. Been using them for a year now and couldn't be happier.

Although I'm on the hunt for a hanging wet bag for vacations. I need something that closes for those weekend trips to Grandma's.

Laurie said...

Where do you find the original powder? I can't find it anywhere!