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Sunday, January 15, 2012

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A Very Happy Cloth-Diapering Dad

Unlike many other cloth-diapering parents that I’ve talked too, my husband was an early convert to cloth diapering. Once I shared my exhaustive research on the how-to’s, cost savings and functionality of using cloth over disposables he jumped right on board. He quickly saw that using cloth meant fewer diaper blowouts and less diaper rash. He was also particularly happy about the cost-savings over disposables. Even though I am the cloth diaper researcher in this household he definitely gets credit for changing and washing just as many diapers as I do. He’s even given impromptu sales pitches on why you should choose cloth diapers when changing our daughter around friends and family.

Since our daughter was born he has happily become a cloth diapering dad! However, lest you think we are the perfect couple you should know that there is one area of cloth diapering that we tend disagree about, having a variety of diapers! I love to see new prints and try new types of diapers. In my mind each diaper made has something interesting about it so why wouldn’t we give it a shot and see how it works for us? Also, I’ll admit one of the reasons I love cloth is the adorable factor. My daughter looks so great in the Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 prints and the new bumgenius colors! How could I pass up trying the itti bitti’s, they are so soft! So while I am drawn in by the new styles available, my husband has a bit of a different philosophy.

My husband has a mantra about diapers that he tends to stick with, “if it’s not broken why are we trying to fix it?” In his mind we have already found the perfect diaper so he asks the question, “why are we still searching for something else?” He compares all other brands to what he considers the most perfect of all diapers created. Which brand does he stake all of his diaper allegiance to you ask? He is unabashedly loyal to the bumgenius 4.0s in snaps. In his mind no other diaper will ever measure up to the performance and quality of this diaper.

This results in some interesting conversations between the two of us. For example the first time he pulled out a Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 he managed to put it on backwards and came to me complaining about the “broken” diaper I purchased. I quickly pointed out the adorable Owls print and noted the trim fit of the diaper (after putting it on my daughter correctly). He responded by stating its inherent flaws compared to his most favored brand. We have had this discussion repeatedly as various diapers have made their way into our stash. What I’ve found is that given some time and few practice rounds he’s come to like some of my deviations from his beloved bumgenius. For example, he can now appreciate the softness of the itti bitti’s and the fun AppleCheek’s prints. But I still make sure that the bumgenius 4.0s are well stocked for him so he can keep up his role as a great cloth diapering dad.

Bio: Kara W. is the momma of an adventurous 14 month-old girl and partner to a great cloth-loving husband. She also blogs at

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thewrightlife said...

this is sooo my husband! Why are we getting more...and how do you use this one? I just try to make sure there are always a few BG's in the drawer just for his turn...