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Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Often Overlooked Pluses to Cloth

I started cloth diapering my son for one of the most often heard about reasons. We needed to save money. After we got them and started using them I knew I was going to keep it up since he seemed to love them and they were just so soft. Even my husband agreed they seemed much more comfortable than the disposables. After about another month I noticed more things that I think should be brought up when talking about the pluses to cloth diapering:

  • The nursery actually smells good again. I am asthmatic so I can't use any faintly strong smelling air fresheners or things like that or it closes my chest up so I was very happy when I noticed as soon as we switched to cloth, the smell in his room improved a lot. I know it is because the poo goes in the toilet and not just sitting in the trash can till later that day when I can take it out. It might also help that I only have enough diapers for a full days use so I do laundry every day.
  • I feel as though my detergent lasts longer. I have to admit I am doing a no-no and using a not so highly recommended detergent on my diapers but the way I see it is I have been using it for almost 3 months now and not had any issues so I might be ok. But back to the point, one would think that with all the laundry that comes with cloth diapers you would run out of detergent faster. Nope. I mean, maybe slowly but to me it feels like it lasted longer.
  • No more trips to the store for diapers. I never realized how much time was wasted taking those trips for diapers. Now they can be washing while I do my cleaning. Easy.
  • Last but most certainly not least, no more trips to the trash can/dumpster. Granted I got exercise from it, I think that was the only good to come of all those trips. Making multiple trips to the trash got real old real fast and I LOVE not needing to do it any more.
I think that about covers it for me. Everyone talks about the main pluses for cloth (environment, savings, no chemicals) and that got me thinking about all my reasons for sticking with it. I wanted to share those reasons for anyone that might be thinking about trying cloth but is tired of hearing about the 3 main reasons to do it. I just gave you a few more :)

Jessica young mom with a 9 month old who is trying to walk already and another one on the way. She looks forward to jumping into cloth diapers from the start with the next one.

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