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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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You May Be A Cloth Diaper Addict If You…

  • Like to post pictures of your little one on Facebook, just to show off his or her cute diaper.
  • Feel the need to purchase diapers when they go on “buy ___ get one free” sales.
  • Check the “Fluffy Deal of the Day” on a daily basis at Kelly’s Closet, just in case it is something you “need.”
  • Take time to carefully and artfully craft your argument to your spouse as to why more diapers need to be bought.
  • Try to figure out if it is Stacy or Calley writing the post on’s Facebook page before you see the name –and you can guess correctly more often than not.
  • Want to have both boys and girls in order to get to buy diapers for both sexes.
  • Have made your spouse as obsessed about them as you are.
  • Give cloth diapers as gifts.
  • Hear your baby’s first words and they are “triple dollar days.”
  • Look fondly and with pride at your diaper stash after everything has just been washed and put away.
  • Mainly tried out mama cloth for yourself because of the cloth diapers you use on your little one.
  • Could technically go for weeks without washing diapers because your stash is that large.
  • Have your computer and camera’s memory card full of pictures of your baby’s padded tush.
  • Are envious of people who can make their own cloth diapers.
  • Can and do make your own cloth diapers.
  • Love talking to people about the benefits of using cloth diapers and your personal experiences using them.
  • Have a hard time pulling yourself away from the computer when the Fluffy Deal of the Day gets changed every couple of hours.
  • Cannot stop looking at your newly arrived diapers for the next couple of days.
  • Find yourself daydreaming about what your next purchase will be, or how to spend your gift certificate.
  • Are saddened a bit at the thought of having to pack away the diapers when your little one outgrows them or is potty trained.
  • Enjoy reading diaper blogs like The Cloth Diaper Whisperer.
  • Diapers and gift certificates to Kelly’s Closet are on your wish list.
  • Find yourself taking your time when changing your little one’s diaper when out in public, in order to show off the cute diaper being worn.
  • Visit and post on’s Facebook page at least once a week.
  • Scour the internet for diaper giveaways.
  • Enter your tracking numbers into the mail system, hoping your package somehow magically jumps in status from “Electronic Shipping Info Received” to “Out for Delivery.”
  • Buy diapers for specific occasions, holidays, and seasons (i.e. Christmas, fall, winter, spring, summer, Halloween, Fourth of July, favorite sports team, etc).
  • Coordinate your little one’s Halloween outfit around his or her cloth diaper.
  • Look out the window every time you hear a large vehicle drive by when expecting “fluffy” mail.
  • Spent way more money than you intended on cloth diapers and accessories between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you “forgot” to mention it to your spouse!
I am sure all of you have many more that can be added to this list, so please be sure to add your additional ones in the comments below because I would love to read them!  And thanks to those who gave me ideas for the list, it was a lot of fun to compile, and I am guilty of too many of them!

by Rebecca Brown


The Eco Chic said...

Awe - what an awesome post Rebecca! Thanks for the mention - Calley

Karin said...

Assume everyone wants to hear about cloth diapering, even when it's at a work lunch.

Roselyn Poton said...

I am definetly a new "cloth diaper addict"! I LOVE the prints. colors, and the wide variety of cloth diapering systems I can choose for my lo!