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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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More Bang For Your Buck

When I first started cloth diapering, I used the flats and prefolds that were mine as a baby-my mom had saved them! I bought a few Thirstie’s covers and that is what I used exclusively for about six months. I then started using pockets and AIOs. per the request of my husband.

Well two more children later, those Thirsties covers are still being used. They have held up so well. The flats have deteriorated to the place that they are simply rags, but my prefolds keep on trucking. They are on their fifth child if you consider that my brother and I used them before my three children.

Are you considering cloth diapering but have sticker shock about AIO, pocket, or hybrid diapers? I will tell you they are well worth the money…but understand you may need to go month by month as many people do and don’t have $300-$500 up front. I’d encourage you to buy about 15 prefolds and at least four covers. Trust me, this will be equivalent or less than what you are spending on month of diapers.

Now that you have gotten started, start saving each month for other cloth diapering items you want. If you have a baby who isn’t EBF, I’d really recommend a diaper sprayer for your next purchase. Maybe the next month you get a couple of one sized pockets, as they can grow with your child. Next up would be a couple of wetbags. If you continue doing this month by month you will build up a decent stash quickly. If you prefer, use the more convenient pockets and AIOs while you are out and about and your prefolds and covers while you are at home.

Cloth diapering can be so cost effective for your family. Trust me, I’ve had three children almost exclusively in cloth…and keep using those same diapers over and over. I am sad to say my firstborn didn’t get the benefit of cloth until he was two, he potty trained two weeks after we switched and then only had cloth overnight. Yes, I’ve had a couple of diapers delaminate, and we’ve had some that we got second hand that havehad to “retire” (always sad). But overall, we’re using the same diapers. I do not need to buy any cloth anymore…but now I’m addicted to cloth and keep getting new ones anyway :o)

Jenney is a mother of four and home daycare provider. She blogs about cloth diapering and raising her kids at

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