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Monday, May 7, 2012

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The Not So Glorious Moments of a Cloth Diapering Momma!

Ok, I am a fluffaholic and I gladly and proudly admit it. I love my cloth diapers, obsess over how cute they are, make a purchase a couple times a month, and just plain ole’ love cloth diapering. In fact, I will NEVER go back to disposables. But, lets face it, just like mommas who use disposables and have those moments they hate about it…for instance spending money everyday on diapers and pull ups, diaper rashes constantly, lugging dirty diaper trash around, sent their babies to daycare with 12 diapers and coming home with none….cloth diapering mommas also have those moments! The good of CD’ing will always outway the bad, but thinking about my moments give me a good laugh!

I had a poopy diaper (after I started feeding him spinach), and this diaper was so bad, so dark green, and so horrible smelling, that I thought I was going to die!! LOL, Not really. But, I spent 20 minutes using my handy dandy bumGenius Diaper Sprayer!!! And it still wasn’t doing the trick. I wanted to give up, I wanted to put that whole pocket diaper in the trash!!! Like a sposie! That moment, that I was on my knees trying to get that poop out, my husband walked in and said the unthinkable!!!! “Do you ever regret going to cloth?” Ahhhhhh, no he didn’t!! I jumped up so quick, smiling and spraying and said “If this is all I have to do every once in a while to save money, save the earth, and save his bum, it’s fine!”. So yea sposies tempt me, but only after the fact. I slapped some flushable liners in the next diaper though! hahah.

I love washing my dipes, I find it fun for some reason, but I had ammonia stink so bad one day when I opened my 3 day filled diaper pail (shame on me for waiting 3 days), I jumped back and gasped. Left the laundry room for air. I needed a mask, like a medical non-rebreather mask! Hahah. But I held my breath until I could get those desperate dipes in the wash for a rinse. Rockin' Green Funk Rock would have been nice that day. Whew! I think I did 10 ten rinse cycles that day. Stink is gone now, so nevertheless, I still love my diapers.

There are days that I slave over washing diapers. Rinsing, washing, rinsing, washing…..lots of water, but never enough. Yea it’s a wee bit more time consuming than just throwing that dipe in the trash, and letting hubby take it out later (yuck). But, when they come out smelling amazing, I’m happy I did all that between chores!

Lastly, you know, sometimes I wish I didn’t have this itch to buy diapers all the time, but let’s face it I do, I always will, and quite frankly I like getting involved with all the contest and giveaways and conversations about this wonderful hobby! Hopefully, more and more mommas will choose cloth diapering, despite its “glorious moments”, and save the planet, their money, and their baby’s bum!

Bio: Traci is a cloth diapering momma of a 10 month old son. She loves cloth diapering with all of her heart, but there are those days! Just being honest...

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