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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Planet Wise Wet Bags - A Must for Cloth Diapering Mamas

Without a doubt, my favorite cloth diapering accessories are my Planet Wise wet bags. One of the most intimidating things about starting cloth diapering is what to do with those dirty diapers. In our society, we are so used to just rolling up diapers and throwing the mess away that we just can’t imagine having dirty diapers lying around.

I have two Planet Wise wet bags and they make storing those dirty diapers until laundry day a cinch! One is a hanging wet/dry bag and one is a medium wet bag. The hanging wet/dry bag hangs on the doorknob of my daughter’s room, next to the changing table. When we change her we just toss the dirty diaper in the bag. The medium wet bag stays in the diaper bag and when we change her when we’re away from home the dirty diapers get placed inside. As soon as we return home I dump the contents from the medium wet bag into the hanging wet/dry bag. (Don’t forget this step. No one wants to find two week old dirty diapers in their diaper bag!) Before we began cloth diapering I thought I might want to use disposables when out and about, but thanks to my wet bag I use cloth even when away from home.

Both bags are the perfect size. I normally wash diapers every other day and the hanging wet/dry bag will hold two days worth of diapers. The medium wet bag I keep in the diaper bag can fit eight or nine diapers, according to Planet Wise. I haven’t actually counted how many diapers I’ve fit in it, but I’ve never run out of room, even when we took my daughter, at two months old, to my sister-in-law’s college graduation located three hours away. We were away from home for over twelve hours and all of her dirty diapers fit in the wet bag without a problem.

I also love the variety of prints offered by Planet Wise. My hanging wet/dry bag is Chocolate, which matches the d├ęcor in my daughter’s room. My medium wet bag is Lime Squares, which coordinates perfectly with my black and lime green diaper bag.

The best thing about my Planet Wise wet bags is that they keep the mess and smell inside the bags. I’ve never had a leak. I’ve never had stink escape the bag, either. When I open the bag and diapers have been in there awhile there’s definitely a smell, but as soon as I zip the bag shut again, the smell goes away. The first few weeks of my daughter’s life we used disposables and had a fancy diaper pail with a baking soda dispenser, but it started to smell after awhile. Not so with my Planet Wise wet bags! They are an indispensible part of my cloth diapering routine and I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Emily is a stay-at-home mom to a four month old baby girl. She enjoys reading, gardening, quilting, and spending time online picking out the hundreds of adorable cloth diapers she would buy her daughter if she hadn’t promised her husband that cloth diapering would save money.


Katie said...

I love my Planet Wise wet bags. Great for transporting dirties. :) They also make great diaper pail liners!

Taryn said...

I just recently got two Planet Wise diaper pails & I love them so far. They fit in a regular sized trash can & keep the smell in.