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Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Convincing Hubby To Switch To Cloth

I had thought about using cloth with my first child however I became overwhelmed by all of the kinds and systems of diapers as well as being a new mom. I had a friend who used cloth but she made it seem so complicated and it just wasn't my style/way. She talked about using chinese prefolds, covers, and fasteners. She talked about complicated ways to wash them. This overwhelmed me as a new mom.

For my second child, we experienced some unexpected financial set backs so I did some research about cloth diapers. My husband says that it was easy to convert him. I showed him the information on Kelly's closet website. It talked about cost, savings over time, easier on environment, as well as health benefits (less rashes, etc.), and finally that some kinds of cloth diapers were just as easy as disposable. All of these have come true for us. We have saved thousands of dollars and we feel good about being green and doing something better for our son as well. My husband says that 'it made sense and it wasn't really much of an adjustment'. He's proud of our diapers and has showed others especially the 'safety orange'.

By Marla Hull

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