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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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I'm in love!

I have been going through a rough patch with my diaper bag for a while now. It didn't seem to fit my cloth diapers well with everything else I needed to put in the bag. I have been using the same bag since my son was born and it was great at first (when we were using disposables) but now that we have been using cloth for a while, I have come to find out that it just doesn't hold much. I had to go into Wal-Mart last week looking for a new highchair and little did I know, I was going to find my new love.

I had spent a while roaming the store looking for the chair in question when I saw a big bin of Jeep Clamshell diaper bags. I stopped and played with it and thought it seemed nice. There were no inside pockets like my other bag has. I dislike those pockets. They seemed to always be in the way. It seemed larger and roomier than I was used to as well. When I got home I told my husband what I had found and told him to look at it and keep it in mind for a Christmas gift or something. Later that day he comes home with the bag in hand. I was so excited it was a little stupid. I instantly started packing diapers and almost anything else under the sun in it to see what it could hold. Let me tell you, it holds a lot.

Today I packed it more realistically for a day trip to Austin. I always bring more diapers that I need for the amount of time we will be gone so I threw at least 6 pocket diapers (some double stuffed) in the bag as well as wipes, the wet bag, his shoes, a change of clothes, some toys, and some snacks. There was still room at the top of the bag. The best part of all? When I picked it up and threw it on my shoulder, it felt much more comfortable and, dare I say it, lighter. There is a padded part on the shoulder strap that probably has to do with that but the bag just seems lighter to me. I was able to wear it around all day and my shoulder feels great (with the old bad 2 minutes carrying it and I was done). I am already super excited to break it out again tomorrow when we head back into Austin :D

By Jessica


Lizzie McGee said...

This is the bag we send to daycare! It really does hold a lot!

Q's mommy said...

I had this diaper bag and like you was super happy with the space.. Unfortunetly the bag broke after 2 months of use. The metal clam shell supports came out and the plastic rings flipped sideways and caused bunching in the strap. I have spent several months since searching for a roomy, com table, sturdy replacement... That search still continues!

Bri said...

Unfortunately, I have to say that I hope you have better luck than I did with that bag. I've never quite understood paying hundreds of dollars for a diaper bag, and I LOVED my first Wal-mart diaper bag ($20 and it lasted well past a year of daily use before the zipper gave out).

When I needed to replace that bag, I gave this Jeep bag a try. At first, I loved it - so roomy and SO much space, yet it didn't feel heavy or bulky, and the "clamshell" support in the top made searching easy.

Unfortunately, we only got about 3 weeks' use out of it before the wire "clamshell" frame punched through the fabric on one side (kind of like a crappy underwire popping through the fabric?), and a close check showed it was on the verge of breaking through on the other half. We exchanged the bag, hoping it was just a faulty individual, but the replacement had the same poke-through happen in less than a month.

We don't really abuse our bags, and I still use this one - we reinforced the fabric at the ends of the wire with some heavy denim patches - but the zipper shows signs of weakness and it looks very "worn" after only a few months of infrequent use.

Again, I hope your experience is different - perhaps they've switched to a better fabric and it will hold up for you! Just thought I would give an alternate view, in case anyone's looking for a new bag!

Angela LaMunyon said...

We have this bag, and I love it! It's huge, but will fit enough for a long weekend even!weve had ours for over 6 months now and it's still in great condition. The baby sitter jokes about how big it is, but it fits everything! I hae a smaller bag that fits two or tree dipes for quick trips, but love this one for all-day events :)

Anonymous said...

Mine gave me a good 9 months before the frame punched out. I still love it though!