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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Accessories to the Rescue

After stumbling upon a picture of a friend’s baby wearing cloth diapers, I was instantly intrigued. I quickly read any information about modern cloth diapering that I could get my hands and drooled over various cute cloth diapers. I entered giveaways and learned about almost every different kind of cloth diaper that is out there. Mind you, I wasn’t even pregnant at this point. Little did I know that no matter how much I enjoyed looking at and eventually using cloth diapers for my son, it would be the accessories that would make cloth diapering truly easy and enjoyable.

I received two small wetbags at baby showers while I was pregnant. I quickly learned how indispensable they were for cloth diapering on the go. No need to use disposables when out and about, wetbags do a great job of containing the smell of even the worst poopy diaper. If you’re unfamiliar with them, wetbags usually have a cotton type outer fabric, a pul fabric on the inside and a zipper to keep everything inside. The pul keeps any wetness and odor in while keeping your diaper bag clean and fresh smelling.

Right along with wetbags, pail liners are nice to have. I designated a trash can I already owned to be the diaper pail and then found two inexpensive pail liners to go in them. On laundry day, I can simply carry the bag downstairs with all the dirty diapers, dump the diapers in the washer along with the bag and I’m good to go. No touching dirty diapers or cleaning out the trash can necessary. I like having a second pail liner so that while one is in the wash, I can have a clean one in the diaper pail ready for any new dirty diapers. This also allows me the freedom to air dry them without being in a hurry.

After we started feeding my son solids, my bumGenius diaper sprayer and Rumparooz hanging wet bag became my new favorite accessories. I even went as far as to wait to introduce solids for an extra week while waiting for my husband to install the diaper sprayer (along with making a trip to LOWES just for a flexible line so he would have everything he needed to install it). I believe I would have quit cloth at this stage if I didn’t have my diaper sprayer. It saved me from dunking and swishing along with helping keep my diapers nice and white. My hanging wet bag was especially handy to have in the bathroom right next to the toilet to store any dirty diapers till laundry day. It didn’t hurt that it was cute too!

While I rarely use diaper liners, the few times I have actually remember to put them in was extremely nice. Minimal or no diaper spraying necessary and if you have flushable liners, clean up is as easy as flushing the liner down the toilet. Liners have also been a must have when diaper cream was needed. Even with cloth diaper safe cream, I like to err on the side of caution and use a liner.

While someone could easily get by without any of these great cloth diapering accessories, I believe they make cloth diapering a world easier. In my case, they helped me stick with it when I became discouraged and sick of dealing with diapers after my son started solids. Consider adding one of these accessories to your next diaper order and you’ll be glad when you can throw that dirty diaper in a wetbag instead of a Wal-Mart sack!

Hannah is a stay at home momma to an eight month old boy. She is enjoying learning this new world of cloth diapering, babywearing, baby signing and if she is brave enough, elimination communication soon.

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Amber said...

Great post! As I'm starting cloth diapering, I am realizing more and more how much accessories are essential as a mom on the go. We haven't needed the sprayer yet, but I know we soon will. It makes cloth all the more easier!