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Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Build Your Stash With Free Diapers

We all know that cloth diapering saves you money in the long run, but the upfront cost can be intimidating. In order to keep costs down, I suggest taking advantage of every opportunity to get free diapers! Luckily, Kelly’s Closet is giving them away daily!

Here’s how:

Coupon Codes - Take advantage on the coupon codes that are almost always available on the website! You can get a free diaper with purchase most of the time! Placing a large order? Many of the codes can be used more than once! So if possible, split your order in two and use the code twice. Two free diapers in one day!

Rewards Points - Every time you place an order at Kelly’s Closet you receive 1 reward point for every dollar that you spend. Save up those points and cash them in for gift certificates to the store! Watch for special announcements throughout the year for double, or even triple, reward points!

Fluff Fridays - Every Friday, check out the blog, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer for your chance to win cloth diapers or cloth diapering accessories! There’s a new winner every week!

I try to exclusively shop at Kelly’s Closet to keep all my rewards points in one place. If you shop in one store, the rewards will build quicker! And I have to admit it’s hard to pass up on their coupon codes! You may be a skeptic and think no one really wins Fluff Fridays, but I promise you real people like me win! It’s happened to me twice!

In the almost two years that I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s Closet, I have received eight free diapers with purchase and many of them are valued at almost $20! I have also cashed in my rewards twice for a total of $60 in gift cards! Thanks to Fluff Fridays, I became the proud owner of two new diapers and a Beco Potty!

There’s one last way to take advantage of free diapers while shopping at Kelly’s Closet!

Gift Registry - Pregnant or having a birthday? It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is. No judgement here! Start a registry and ask for everything your heart desires! Convince your friends and family to buy you cloth diapers as gifts!

Be a smart shopper and take advantage of the free deals!

Jenny is a stay at home mom to a busy toddler. She writes about her cloth diaper obsession on her blog Cloth Diaper Revival.


Jennifer said...

I'll definitely keep my eye out for free stash! Especially since we are so new to cloth!

Anonymous said...

Asking for them for Christmas from my parents was my best idea yet as a new mama! I think I'm gonna ask for more for my daughter's first birthday...along with the clothes I'm sure she'll get, she won't be disappointed if she doesn't get boatloads of toys. (I will be though, if she does, since I'm the one who'll have to figure out where to put them...)

Tiffany F said...

I cannot thank Kelly's Closet enough for their promotions and rewards. I actually just placed my first order last week and will be getting a free diaper. SO EXCITED! I plan to place another order within the next two weeks. I exclusively shop here :)