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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Diapers, Doublers, and Wipes, Oh My!

So you love cloth diapers huh? Maybe even are borderline obsessed with them? Don't hang your head in shame, you are among the many for sure that have decided to use cloth for your babies health, the planet's health, cost, or all three reasons and along the way you realized you love it. It is fun!

The downside to all of this is you end up with a lot of diapers, wipes, doublers, etc. and you need a place to store them and in an organized manner would be helpful right? Here is what works for me and hopefully it can offer you an idea or two for your cloth diaper obsession.

First I have a cloth diapering "station" that works well for me. This is a must to cloth diapering. Whatever you use, set it up so it works for you. (see cloth diapering station photo) I change my son on the floor now that he is bigger and have the wipes in their warmer along with my diapering creams handy. (see the necessities photo) Next to those I keep a stash of ready to go night-time diapers. On the top shelf I keep my cloths I use to wipe the cream off my hands basically and then a basket for a bunch of diapers (I use various brands and styles.) (see the stash photo). Finally, I found a great buy at a local store. In their "Under $5.00" section I found these hanging "racks". They just Velcro onto a closet rod. I bought two and they work great! I have had them for over a year and they have never come undone. They do "sag" a little since the "shelves" are just cloth but that is no biggie to me. I put wipes on the first "shelf', diapers on the second and third "shelves and doublers on the fourth "shelf". I do the same with my second one. It works great! If you want to find something like this search the hanging "shelves" for sweaters/shoes as I think that was its "intended" use. It works great for cloth diapers and supplies though.

So that is my cloth diapering system. It works great for me. I hope some of it will help you. Happy cloth diapering!

Bio: Jennifer Hyson is a working mother of two amazing boys. She does NOT look forward to the time when she no longer has to change a cloth diaper because she enjoys cloth too much to want it to end :)

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