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Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Flat diapers are easier than you think!

When cloth diapering first came up as a discussion between my husband and me, he suggested it. We had just recently found out we were expecting our first child and were looking for ways to fit a baby into our budget. My first thought was flat diapers, pins, and covers. I didn’t know anything about modern cloth. I turned my nose up at the idea and began thinking of ways I could convince him that Pampers really were worth the money over store brand disposables.

So imagine my surprise when I wandered into a baby boutique one day and came across modern cloth diapers! They were so cute and soft! I was convinced! Cloth diapers were definitely the way to go. I was happy they were so modern and my husband was happy we were saving money. When I told people we were planning to cloth diaper, they too imagined flat diapers with pins. I assured them that cloth diapers had come a long, long way. We accumulated a pretty large stash of pockets and all-in-ones and were thrilled.

But about 8 months into our cloth diapering adventure, I became curious. I felt like an expert at that point, but knew I wasn’t truly an expert. I hadn’t given all types of cloth diapers a try yet. So I took the plunge and ordered my first package of flat diapers. I spent a couple days on YouTube learning different folds. I was so proud of myself! My husband was a little skeptical. When I shared with him the cost savings of using flat diapers, he was convinced too! He couldn’t believe we didn’t go with flats in the first place. “We could have saved so much money!” he says.

I’ve given up on the fancy folds and have really simplified my life with a pad fold. It’s the easiest and I can store my flat diapers ready to go. I still reach for my all-in-ones, but I love the simplicity of my flat diapers. They are incredibly easy to care for and because they cost so little, I don’t worry about ruining one.

Are you afraid to give flat diapers a try? I promise, they are much easier than you think!

Jenny is the mama behind the blog Cloth Diaper Revival.   I'm a stay at home mom to Noah and a wife to Chas, the cloth diapering dad.  She is a cloth diaper addict and a social media junkie! 

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Beth H said...

I've been thinking of trying flats and covers lately. My only concern is that I have a SUPER PEE-ER. I haven't found a nighttime solution for him even.