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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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It Starts With Just One Cloth Diapering Mommy

A few months ago, my family and I decided that it would be the best decision for me to become a stay at home mother to raise our then 1 year old little girl. At that point, I was also 3 months pregnant so it made the most sense to spend some quality time with our first daughter, and prepare for the second.

Like any new stay at home mom, there was a little freak out moment trying to figure out what to do with your very active child. So we decided to join a weekly class with other toddlers and mommies. And that’s when it all happened. I met a mom who was cloth diapering her child that was the same age as my little girl. I was in awe of her and wanted to learn more, but was also very hesitant.

I had many questions and one day after class, she did a show and tell. Then this led to her coming over to my house for a play date and she changed his diaper. The fact that she didn’t use diaper cream sold me, besides the fact that the prints were so darn cute.

I was determined to just do a trial, no commitments. So I ordered some cheapo ones online. When they arrived I did the prep wash and then finally put her in them.

Boy that first day was rough. As a disposable mommy, I got so used to the crazy absorbency (because of all the chemicals mind you), that I had so many leaks with my first try at cloth diapers. I felt like a failure.

But the first thing that I learned from that experience was that I was not alone. The support that cloth-diapering mommies have for each other is absolutely amazing. My friend talked me off the ledge and said she felt the same in the beginning. I was determined to get this to work.

An hour of online research led to multiple hours and it became quite the obsession (in the positive sense of course). After posting on facebook about my experience with Cloth Diapering, another fellow mommy told me about Kelly’s Closet. How in the world did I not go there sooner? Well after much time on the site, I placed my first order. Getting fluff mail couldn’t be more exciting, so then I had to place my 2nd, my 3rd, and my 4th order. I’ve never been disappointed with the products and not only did I get what I purchased but also I got free diapers AND reward points. What could be better than that?

Well after growing my stash of mostly bumgenius 4.0s, kawaiis, and other prefolds, I was thrilled to have my toddler in cds. BUT I did hit a few bumps in the road! Lots of rashes! Well lone and behold, back to what I originally learned from my first day of cding – I WAS NOT ALONE!

After joining the Kelly’s Cloth Diaper Facebook Community, I posted numerous amounts of issues regarding my daughter’s bum. Well, guess what? I figured out the problem! I needed to strip my diapers and add a fleece liner to wick away the moisture. I could not be happier to be a part of such an amazing community of strong, determined, and helpful women. I have become one of them – a cloth diapering addict and I’m proud to stand up and say: My name is Kat, and I’m a Cloth Diaperholic! Please excuse me now… I have to log on to Kelly’s Closet to get some newborn prefolds and cover for my little girl who should be arriving any minute! Happy Diapering, Mommies!

Bio: Kat Castro lives in Queens, NY and is a full time stay at home mommy to her 17 month year old toddler. She is expecting her 2nd baby girl in May 2013 and is thrilled to get her in cloth diapers.

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