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Thursday, May 23, 2013

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The 'Onya' One For Me

Yes, I had to throw in a silly play on words with the baby carrier brand name Onya. But it IS the only one for me. It is a wonderful (over-priced) baby carrier and I adore it! Let me count the ways:

1. It is comfortable.
I loved my sling ($20 from Target) and it was my go-to carrier with my first, but it did make my back tired. After lengthy use, I would get a little pinch in my back. I fixed it by reversing the cross of the sling, but that's no longer a problem. The Onya sits evenly on my back, so no back ache for me.

2. It fits well.
The Onya has the availability to do criss-cross straps on the back. With my slender build, some backpacks and carriers don't lay right. The Onya fits every body type.

3. It's versatile.
I carried my newborn in it and loosened the straps to carry my almost 4 year old in the same outing. Yes, the same outing. I ended up carrying the baby in my arms and my 40 pound daughter "backpack style" in the Onya (quite a spectacle). But aside from me, it's husband worthy. I don't know how I lucked out with a husband that has handled and grown with me in my crunchy momma ways, but he is supportive and adorable. Is there anything more handsome than a baby-wearing husband? I submit there is not! Plus I hear it works as a chair seat for babies that can sit up. When my lil' peanut gets bigger, I'll let you know how it works.

4. It's stylish.
I don't feel silly when I use it. Most baby carriers look okay, but the Onya was my favorite. I chose the beige and green with the waterproof fabric. It makes it a little more "outdoorsy" than the regular fabric and that's why I chose it. (And I know it's silly, but I liked the packaging as well.)

5. It's easy.
It's still a baby carrier and requires a quick tutorial. But as far as carriers go, I think it is more intuitive than most. Other brands take a video tutorial and some serious practice to get used to. This just clicks in and you're done.

I didn't buy my Onya through Kelly's Closet (I chose a local retailer instead) but I know they currently carry it. The price is steep, but I really have enjoyed it worth the price already in 4 months. I plan to use it for a long time with my son and future children as well, so it's a worthy investment. It might be right for you too.

Bio: Alicia is an 8th grade English and Drama teacher and is a pretty crunchy momma. She shares her Arizona home with a wonderful husband, energetic 4 year old, sweet 5 month old, 1 crazy dog, and 6 happy chickens.

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