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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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10 Confessions from the Cloth Diaper Dark Side

I have a confession: Sometimes I join cloth diaper groups and I worry that I don’t have the credentials to join. You see, I’m not bothered by the term “poop catcher” for cloth diapers and most days I’m just happy if my diapers are clean, let alone organized.

I consider myself a cloth diaper enthusiast: I blog about cloth diapers at The Inquisitive Mom, I ogle new patterns and colors, I like to show off my baby’ cutest diapers in public, and I give cloth diapers at baby showers to skeptical moms. On the other hand, some of my diapers have stains, I’ve accidentally forgotten a full wet bag in my car before, and I don’t hide budget-busting fluffy purchases from my husband (even though I want to try every diaper on the market!).

Don’t get me wrong – there are many ways to fly your “I love cloth diapers” flag and I’ve got my quirks. The point of those private groups is to comfortably show off your $4,000 stash, share that you hate it when your baby poops in your favorite diaper, or admit to banning your husband from cloth diaper laundry because you’re afraid he’ll stuff them wrong, all the while knowing that no one is judging you.

But what about those moms like me, out there hiding “darker” confessions, like overflowing laundry baskets, fading fitteds, and plain, plastic storage bins? I’m here today to tell you you’re not alone and that it’s safe to share your secrets too. I’ll even start the conversation by confessing ten things I’m always hesitant to post on cloth diaper boards.

10 Confessions from the Cloth Diaper Dark Side:

  1. I don’t really care what diaper my baby poops in, as long as he waits until it’s Daddy’s turn to change him.
  2. Sometimes I start a new load of cloth diaper laundry and my last load is still waiting to be stuffed.
  3. I think coordinating diapers and outfits are cool, but it doesn’t bother me if a diaper doesn’t match.
  4. I’ve used cloth diapers on an airplane, car trips, and on vacation, but I often use disposables in these situations too.
  5. My “diaper organization system” consists of two stackable, plastic bins, two wipes containers, and an under the bed box.
  6. I keep a stash of disposables for babysitters because sometimes I can just tell cloth isn’t an option for them and I really want to go on a date.
  7. I’ve struggled with laundry routines that made me consider throwing in the towel twice (but they always worked out with a bit of help from online friends).
  8. I wouldn’t cloth diaper if my husband refused to help.
  9. I’ve never “stalked” a diaper, even though I know I’m missing out on cd awesomeness.
  10. Sometimes I see my kids’ disgusted expressions when I’m spraying or dunking a diaper and I have to find a happy place and remind myself, “All diapers are gross.”
What’s Your Cloth Diaper Confession?

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Kristen said...

Mine would have to be I really don't care if my diapers get stains in them or not....they're just going to poop in it again which will make more stains

Shannon said...

I am totally guilty of having a basket still waiting when I am washing the next load! Your diaper organization system is way better than mine! Mine are either in a cute basket in the living room, and the rest are upstairs on the changing table, where every morning, one of my darlings unloads them and either drags them all over, or lines them up so they are ready for her baby dolls {which was incredibly cute when I saw this}.

Amanda Duke said...

I use bleach (gasp!)

Jill said...

I can't imagine hiding a purchase from my spouse? Lol.

Suzi Satterfield said...

Oh, heck, I'm always behind on stuffing and putting away diapers. I figure that it's no big deal: I have an excessive stash so I can do that. I do, however, have a very organized method of storing my diapers. :-) And no bins, because I want the prettiness of my stash to be visible.

Parenting Patch said...

I use non-cloth safe diaper creams, but I have had no problems. I just use a liner. And Dawn gets out any messes.

Regan said...

Haha! I usually have a load of clean diapers in the basket waiting to be folded and a load in the dryer/on the rack when I wash any given load of diapers. This is why I'm moving toward more AI2s and prefolds. It makes it easier when I need to grab a diaper that isn't folded ;)

Shannon Taylor said...

I got into cloth diapering way late with my 3 year old. I tried CD'ing when he was about 2-ish. We did well for about a month, while the newness of cute fluff butt was still magical. Then the leaks never stopped. I gave up. However, I am using CD's on my baby. He's 4 months old and I'm proud to say that we've only had 2 leaks.
So my confession? I jumped on the CD'ing hype and gave up too soon.

Dani Sue said...

I totally fit both! I'm a cloth diapering snob now...only that I have to have my wahm diapers...but I've left them in the car, go 3 days between washes and never match. Haha!

Spoiled Cheapskate said...

Did you read my mind? I feel exactly the same way. I don't care which diaper gets dirty, their purpose is to contain pee and poop. I leave diapers to "dry" in the extra bedroom. They may still be there even after I am done with the next load of diapers. This may even be a few days later.

Anonymous said...

I stuff my diapers as we are heading to the changing table.

Kris said...

Mine is that I use a diaper service! Gasp :) with a 1 month old I put off the wash routine for a couple months. And I am not sure that I want to give it up! ,e:)