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Sunday, August 25, 2013

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Mommy Brain Strikes Again! Or, Why You Should Buy More Wetbags

You’d think after packing a diaper bag for 4 months, I might get it right every once in a while.

And you’d think after forgetting something multiple times, I’d learn to prepare for emergencies.

But then, you might not know just how powerful “mommy brain” really is.

I really like being prepared. I mean, really prepared. I have one of the larger diaper bags on the market for several reasons: I knew I’d be cloth diapering. I knew my husband and I want multiple kids. I figured it was my purse, too, so I had to fit stuff for both me and Little Guy. And, I like being overly prepared.

With a large diaper bag, I can somehow justify packing for an apocalyptic event when we’re really just going across town for an hour or two. Two prefold diapers? Nah, better bring three, just in case. And an extra Thirsties AIO couldn’t hurt. Are my wipes containers full? Throw in an extra outfit. Ooh, and don’t forget the snacks. And water. And wallet. Cell phone. Coupons … you get the idea.

May I submit that there is one very essential piece of your diaper bag you should NEVER forget as a cloth diapering momma?

Your wet bag.

I have two medium Planet Wise wet bags in Owl and Silver Scroll and a small one in Owl. Since I wash every other day, it’s a perfect rotation: one in the diaper bag, one washing or hanging to dry, and a small spare in case of emergencies. But your emergency extra doesn’t do you much good if you, ahem, forget your wet bag, and don’t keep the spare in the car.

Planning on a series of errands that were going to take us just a couple hours, I did my mental checklist for the diaper bag, and got the Little Guy and I ready to go. I had him in his carseat, with the diaper bag over my shoulder and the keys in my hands, and thought proudly to myself, “Well done, Stephanie! You remembered everything! And it only took you half an hour to get ready!”

Stop number one, and Little Guy makes quite the deposit in his diaper. No big deal, I’ve done plenty of diaper changes on the front seat before. I set out a clean prefold and a new cover (because the poop went everywhere in my favorite Capri Monkeys cover … drats), wet down my wipe with my water bottle, and dive right in. Just about the time I’ve finished wiping him down, I realize, “Oh no. Did I not put that in the bag? Oh bother. I forgot the wet bag! Quick, what do I do?!”

It’s amazing how “mommy brain” can force you to think outside the box. An extra prefold wrapped around the dirty diaper was going to have to suffice for now. It was one of the few times in my life I was thankful for a cool Pacific Northwest summer day – at least the uncontained poop wouldn’t stink up the car! And score one for being overly prepared with extra diapers!

Stop number two, and Little Guy makes another deposit. “Sheesh. Why couldn’t he have done this at home this morning?” Out came a new diaper, into the pile went the second poopy diaper. Um, that was a little much for the one prefold to contain. New solution: put the dirty diapers in a cloth grocery bag and hope that nothing seeps too much before we get home.

A few hours and several stops later, we made it home in one piece, and without getting poop all over the car. That’s good, because what mom has time to scrub down the inside of her car or do an extra load of laundry? Nah, I’ll be the lazy mom who’ll just buy more wet bags to keep everywhere. No more poop on the loose!

Bio: Stephanie is a wife to Peter and stay at home mom of Little Guy. She loves Jesus, taking care of her family, sunshine, coffee, and a good book.

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Jennifer Sestak said...

I have such a fear of that happening! I try to keep an extra plastic grocery sack stuffed in the bottom of the diaper bag for such occasions. :)

Valarie said...

I just ordered 5 travel wet bags for this reason! I'm sure I will still forget them. I'm going to stash a couple in the car and an extra in the diaper bag.