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Monday, September 9, 2013

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A Little For The Boys

I'm the proud mother a 7 month old boy. My daughter is 4 so not only have I felt a little "awkward-like-a-first-time-mom" since there's a little age gap, I also have no experience with a boy. Where the cloth diapering concept is not gender specific, I am learning a few boy-friendly tips.

First off, fashion.

My little man was looking like a grandpa with a big fluffy bum under a onesie and soft cotton pants. I know many babies look like old people when they come, but this seemed a wardrobe faux-pas. The pants were riding up past his belly button. How could I get my little man to look cute, fluffy, and stylish? Well, first off, buying a size up helped. If other clothes are 6 months, buy 9 month pants. Boy clothes are not as stretchy as girl clothes and don't look flattering stretched over a cute, big bum. I haven't found babylegs that look masculine enough to use with just a onesie. So that trick was out. Real pants, extra big, are the solution.

The other fashion solution I found was to embrace the romper. I wasn't sure if I would like the rompers (the shirts with snaps that create short shorts). They seem to be a boys-only fashion option. I don't remember using a girl romper. And I think a romper for a girl is a dress, right? Well, it seemed strange, so I wasn't too excited about them. But I lovingly used the gifts I received and lo and behold, they were great! I also used them with real pants so they look like collared shirts that stay put. And with a cute, fluffy bum, baby brother looks adorable, youthful, and cute.

Second tip, extra absorbency in the front. It's a given. If stuffing or folding, put extra in the front of the diaper. And make sure nothing is sticking out of the top, or clothing will absorb the moisture. But that's true for girls, just noticeable faster with boys.

Lastly, buy boy prints. More than half of the diapers that I had with my daughter are useable with my son. Girls can wear any solid color and most prints. Girls are lucky that way. A little girl in a car diaper is not too big of a deal. But put your boy in pink and flowered diapers, and the husband might not be too happy. I don't want to get into gender stereotypes, or a battle of the sexes, but my tip is to buy rocket ships, dump trucks, monsters, trains, and airplanes. It's fun to have a boy and enjoy this other style.

With one of each, people assume our family is complete. Not so! These diapers have plenty of life and I want my money's worth, so I have to have more kids, right. And now I'm ready for a future boy or girl.

Bio: Alicia is an 8th grade English and Drama teacher and is a pretty crunchy momma. She shares her Arizona home with a wonderful husband, energetic 4 year old, sweet 7 month old, 1 crazy dog, and 4 happy chickens.

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Michelle said...

I hear you on the pants issue! I was also on the fence about rompers for boys, but I totally love them now. :)