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Sunday, October 6, 2013

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BumGenius: The Best Everyday, Versatile Diaper System

We have been successfully cloth diapering for six months now! During these past months, I have fallen in love with the BumGenius brand. The majority of my stash consists of the 4.0 pocket style diapers with a few Freetimes. I also have several Flip covers and the stay dry inserts, which I found surprisingly easy to use.

At first I thought I would only want aplix, but I decided to try some snaps out, too. I was surprised to find that both my husband and I prefer the snaps. A big plus for the snaps, not having to worry about fastening the laundry tabs, and they seem to be holding up slightly better as well. I also get the same fit every time because I always use the same snaps. There are times that I prefer an aplix diaper. For instance, I always grab one for an emergency middle of the night change, or the first morning change when I still can’t quite keep my eyes open. I prefer using an aplix diaper for nighttime when we stuff the diaper a little more and can get a snuggly fit easier. Aplix diapers also make cloth less intimidating for babysitters and relatives. I always pack aplix when my daughter is staying with her grandma, and she can put them on just the same as a disposable. Easy as can be!

I adore the prints that the BumGenius and Flips come in. Our favorites are the Lovelace and Maathia. It so easy to coordinate the colors and prints with any of my daughter’s outfits, and most days she doesn’t even wear pants!

I have been using mostly the microfiber inserts that come with the 4.0. They wash easily and the sun takes out any stains that they might get. I started using the 4.0’s when my daughter turned one month and was around 10 pounds. She is now six months and approximately 16 pounds. We are now on the middle rise setting, and I couldn’t ask for a better fit. One “trick” I did figure out is even though the diaper is on the middle rise setting; I still snap the microfiber insert on the smallest setting to stuff. It seems to give it a more trim fit.

Another amazing fact is we have never had a blow out! No matter how much my daughter goes, all the mess is contained in the diaper. Even when using a Flip cover with the stay dry inserts nothing has escaped. Occasionally the cover does get dirty, but I love being able to reuse the covers throughout the day when they are just wet. I also like packing a few covers and inserts for daytrips. They take up slightly less room in the diaper bag and make traveling with cloth easy.

I alternate between the 4.0 and covers and inserts during the day. Sometimes I get behind on the diaper laundry and haven’t had time to stuff pockets, so grabbing a cover and insert makes it convenient. For nighttime, I love the Flip organic nighttime inserts either stuffed into a pocket or folded into a cover with a stay dry liner. They seem to hold a ton of pee, and I haven’t had to change wet sheets once.

I am happy I decided to try this popular brand. The versatility of the different styles of diapers has made it easy to find a routine that works and takes the guesswork out of cloth diapering. I have become much more confident in my cloth diapering ways, and I credit that mostly to this user friendly diaper.

Bio: Jamie is a Marine wife and mom to her six-month-old daughter. She enjoys crocheting and reading in her free time (if she ever gets any).

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