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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Diapering on a Budget

If there is one comment I hear from so many people who are considering using cloth diapers, it is that it costs too much to get started. "I can buy a few diapers or I can buy a box of disposables for the same price." Each time, I respond with different ways to build a stash.

FREE diaper coupon codes. Some cloth diaper stores, like Kelly's Closet offer them a lot of the time. This is how I started my stash, I would take a little money every month and place an order, meeting the minimum amount to get the FREE diaper.

Enter giveaways. Not only is winning fun, but it is a great way to try out some new diapers that may very well become your favorites!

Buy used. Ask questions about them. There are diaper swapper groups, b/s/t groups for many brands, Craigslist, and garage sales.

Start small. You don't have to jump into it full time. When I started out, I had 4 diapers {3 I ordered from Kelly's Closet, plus the FREE diaper}. I washed every day and couldn't wait to order more. The next month {or maybe it was only two weeks}, I ordered the minimum amount to get another FREE diaper.

Use flats or prefolds and covers. You could build a decent stash for cheap using prefolds or flats and covers. You could also make your own from old receiving blankets.

Rent them. Usually only the case for newborn diapers, but this is a great option for many people.

A friend just gives them to you. It could happen! I know that I offered up a large stash to my sister if she had decided to use cloth diapers.

Building a cloth diaper stash doesn't have to burden your bank account. I hope these options really help you to jump on board the cloth diaper train!

By Shannon

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Carly Tribe said...

This is awesome advice for cloth nappies! Thank you so much!