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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Everyday Uses for bumGenius Wipes

My favorite cloth diaper accessory is the bumGenius Flannel Baby Wipes. These wipes are soft and efficient in handling many duties; No pun intended. As a mother I am worried about the chemicals in our environment and how I can minimize these chemical on or around my baby.

It may seem daunting at first to use cloth wipes, but once you try them you will see how easy it is! I throw all my wipes in the wash with my cloth diapers and wash them exactly the same way. It’s that easy! I have had my wipes almost two years and not one of my bumGenius wipes have a stain. I do rinse them before putting in wet bag. They have not shrunk on me and I use the dryer to dry them. They are cleaned perfectly every time in a normal wash. It also gives me piece of mind that I know what I am using on my baby. I make my own wipe solution. I can either soak all my wipes in my solution then put in the wipe warmer. In the wipe warmer they stay very moist and do not dry out.

When I am out and about I have a small glass BPA free spray bottle with my solution and I spray and wipe! They are also a good size not too big and not too small. They are great to travel with since they do not take up a lot of room as other commercial wipes do. They are great at getting the cleaning job done, I think in the midst of a major blow out I have only needed to use 2 wipes 3 tops. For quick changes 1 wipe suffices. The fact they are thin as opposed to other wipes make it easier to wipe babies more efficiently. These wipes are single ply, which makes them easier to handle when cleaning up messes. Another trick I have learned is if I notice my baby is getting a rash from teething, I will put some coconut oil on the baby then cover with a bumGenius wipe and it this gives her added protection and works every time. Coconut oil is safe to use with your wipes.

They have also been a lifesaver for my sick babies; I use these wipes to keep up with runny little noses. They are so soft that it does not cause added irritation under their nose.

I also find these wipes are also great for little ones hands and face with the same solution, especially when your out and about and do not want to use harsh chemicals like antibacterial hand sanitizer.

I have also ordered pack for myself and this saves me money on paper towels! I also use them to wash my own face or to remove make up which I rarely wear. If you and your family really want to take the plunge these wipes are a great replacement for family cloth.

A big plus for me is that they are unbleached cotton and the price is right!

Bio: My name is Kathleen Garcia I am a doula and I am a mommy of 4. I have cloth diapered and cloth wiped my two youngest children.

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