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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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My Favorite Cloth Diaper Accessories

You don't really need a lot to cloth diaper, but there are some things that make it a lot easier. Here's a rundown on some of my favorites that I use daily.

Diaper Dawgs
I love my Diaper Dawgs. I avoided using my pocket diapers like pockets because I dreaded pulling out the insert afterwards. They come in pairs, which I love because sometimes you need two.

Wet Bags
I love wet bags. I have several different sizes. I have a large, hanging wet/dry bag that I used while in the hospital with Little Man, a large, regular bag that I keep in the car to dump dirties in (actually, I put it in the diaper bag and then take it out when we get to the car), smaller wet bags that I can tuck in my purse or diaper bag, and even smaller ones that I keep our NoseFrieda Snotsucker and cloth wipes in. I've used our hanging wet/dry bag on a trip as well.

I love love our cloth wipes. You can use disposable wipes if you want, but cloth wipes are so convenient. Just toss them in the wash with the diapers. And it doesn't make me cringe to have to use a lot to clean up a mess, because I'm not throwing them away. I have mostly baby wash cloths, but my favorite are my GroVia wipes. They stay softer and I love that they're two layers. I use a spray bottle to spray plain water straight on baby's bum.

Snappi and Boingos
We mostly use prefolds in our house. We use both Snappis and Boingos. I prefer the Boingos on my two year old, since they don't have to stretch across her belly. I like the Snappis on my five month old. I feel like I get a better fit with them on him. They're both awesome.

Diaper Sprayer
I would be using my shower head and cleaning my tub every day if I didn't have my diaper sprayer attached to my toilet. I've tried dunking and swishing and scraping with toilet paper and they didn't work so well for me. I love love love my diaper sprayer.

Those are my favorite cloth diaper accessories. You don't NEED them. You can most definitely cloth diaper without them but they make it much easier.

What's your favorite cloth diaper accessory?

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Anonymous said...

I <3 my #SprayPal diaper cleaner! It stays in the bathroom near the diaper sprayer, and makes life so easy!! :)

Megan P said...

Awesome list! I'm starting cloth again soon after a 2 year break, so many new things on the market to try!

Anonymous said...

Likewise here! Don't have to deal with the gross water splashing on your face and gives you a handy surface against which to make the spraying more effective. I don't know how you use a sprayer other wise.

Erin Cohen said...

Thank you for this! We are just getting into cloth, and after posting this very question on a few Facebook groups (what accessories do you love or wish you'd known about sooner, but aren't absolutely necessary to CD?) and I finally have my answer!