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Monday, February 17, 2014

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Unconventional Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Showers often focus on practical gifts for after baby arrives - cloth diapers, car seats, baby carriers, footed pjs, and strollers. These are all necessities and new moms are eager to check them off of their lists. Sometimes it's fun to take a break from the norm, though, and think outside of the baby shower gift box.

For those looking to add an element of surprise to their next baby shower, here is a list of some unconventional baby shower gifts for mom from Kelly's Closet.

5 Unconventional Baby Shower Gifts from Kelly's Closet

  1. Sticky Bellies for Expectant Moms - Help mama commemorate her pregnancy with these fun, reusable, opaque stickers! They begin at 12 weeks and one is available for every 4 weeks until week 30, then every 2 weeks until 40 weeks. There's even a "Ready or not, here I come!" sticker to capture the big moment on the way to the hospital!
  2. Bell-ease Organic Belly and Baby Butter- Forget belly creams that promise to magically prevent or erase stretch marks. Give mama something she can actually use instead. This cream soothes itchy pregnancy belly and keeps skin soft and supple while it stretches. When baby arrives, this little jar can be kept on hand for cradle cap and diaper rash.
  3. Earth Angel Baby New MAMA Bottom Spray - New moms are often unprepared for the postpartum symptoms that come after delivery. This gift is an important addition to any hospital bag - easing postpartum discomfort naturally - and your friend will be sure to thank you.
  4. Proud Belly Deluxe Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit - A belly cast provides a unique way to celebrate and remember pregnancy. With this kit, a woman can create her own belly cast in the privacy of her own home. She can also decorate it with her own style, creating a piece that will comfortably blend with her decor.
  5. Proud Body Pregnancy Art Henna Kit - Make belly photos a celebration with Art Henna Kit. This kit comes with instructions and all the ingredients you need to create a beautiful, personalized design, including 30 + pattern ideas. This is a lovely way to help your friend create amazing memories.
What are your favorite Baby Shower Gifts? Do you prefer to purchase from a registry or branch out on your own? Have you tried any of these unconventional gifts or gifted them to others?

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Anonymous said...

the nose frida because those suction balls are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Personally I go off a registry as then I know they want/need it.