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Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Used Diapers 101

For those cloth diapering on a budget, there are several new options like flats and covers or inexpensive pockets. Flour sack towels or t-shirts can even make a decent diaper. Still it is hard to pass on some of the beautiful fluffy options out there. Some try cheap diapers from overseas businesses. I would suggest looking to buying used diapers. Parents often sell good quality (sometimes practically new!) name brand diapers at extreme discounts. This provides the opportunity to get quality diapers at a great cost and help another family who is selling to regain some of the cost of diapering their kiddos. You are also supporting small business indirectly by NOT investing in “cheapie” companies that do not always have the most ethical practices.

Used diapers are found in several places. First try asking any cloth diapering friends. They may have some they are willing to let go. This is a bonus because you know exactly where the diapers are coming from! Ask your local natural/eco-friendly baby store if they ever have community swaps or sidewalk sales. Other area moms may contribute cloth to those events. Online, some cloth diaper stores sell used diapers. This is an awesome choice because they have “pre-approved” the diapers before selling them. If the store says they are excellent quality, you can most likely trust them.

If you want to buy online from other individuals, you can check out Craigslist on a regular basis to see if you can catch a deal. This is ideal because you can see the diapers before you purchase and potentially meet another cding family! Probably the most popular option for getting used diapers are the buy/sale/trade (B/S/T) sites. There are several websites that allow users to login and sell to each other. Even more popular are B/S/T groups on Facebook. Just search! There are brand-specific groups as well as general cloth diapering B/S/T groups. All you need to get started is a Facebook account, email, and (usually) PayPal. PayPal is a secure way to transfer your money online to another individual. It is no cost to the buyer.

Really, most people selling diapers used online are probably a lot like me. I’ve sold a number of diapers because I find I just don’t use them, don’t need them, or don’t like the fit/style on my child. Just in case though, beware of a few things. First, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Look for a seller that provides pictures, and if you are weary they may not really have the diapers they say, ask for additional photos. Next, ask questions. Is there smoking in the home? How did you wash/care for the diapers? Why are you getting rid of them? Are there stains? Is the elastic stretched? Sellers often include shipping (noted with “ppd” listed after the price), but make sure that is the case or ask about shipping costs.

Once you find diapers you like, make contact with the seller. Make sure they send you an invoice via PayPal as opposed to sending money as a “gift” through PayPal. This provides you protection as the buyer. Pay your invoice and look forward to your new fluffy mail at 15-75% off the retail price! Once it arrives, you may want to sanitize the diapers just to make sure they are good as new, and enjoy the awesome value you just scored!

Bio: Lynette is currently a SAHM to two sons, ages 23 months and 3 months. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things that kind to the environment, animals, and others.

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Meridith said...

I got all but 3 of my covers (2 Flip and one Thirsties) second hand. I had a friend who was nice enough to give me some of her stash that she didn't need any more, my Mom bought a lot of inserts and covers on Craigslist, and the rest I got from a B/S/T group. I love getting great stuff second hand, b/c then cloth diapering becomes even more economical!