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Monday, February 3, 2014

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The Perfect Nighttime Diaper

I saw the posts from frantic moms: “Help! What do I do about overnight diapering!?” I naïvely thought, I’ll not need to worry about that, after all, bumGenius 4.0s come with that one-size and infant insert that “can be used as a doubler for overnight.” Well, silly me. Turned out I needed to do some homework on the overnight solution as my twins easily slept 8-10 hours at night at 4 months old (they got their Dad’s sleeping genes) and were consistently waking up soaked in the morning.

First I ordered some large Thirsties hemp inserts, two KaWaii Goodnight Heavy Wetters, and a Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece fitted. These were the stalwarts that all the other mamas swore by. However, they didn’t work well for my boys. The hemp inserts, properly prepped and doubled beneath a microfiber, still weren’t cutting it for the long nights. The KaWaii GNHWs, although they did a good job of preventing leaks, didn’t fit either of my boys well. I’m not a fan of the cut over the thigh, the lower hip/side snap, or the non-elastic wings (compared to my BGs). Finally, I wasn’t a fan of the S’bish OBF’s bulk (even without the extra insert) and didn’t try it often enough to get a good fit under my Econobum or Flip covers. So, none of the conventional options were cutting it for us. I was resigned to changing two cribs and swabbing two babies each morning, that is, until we went on vacation with our Flip stash.

While on a 2-week vacation with our Flip covers and Stay-Dry, Organic Cotton, and Nighttime inserts, the boys never once woke up having soaked their beds. Lightbulb! The Flip nighttime inserts were the trick! Back at home, I pulled out all our Noodle BG 4.0s (as they had the loosest elastic already) and stuffed them with the Flip nighttime inserts. The thick cotton inserts (these are actually prefolds) worked wonderfully. I had finally found my solution for my nighttime soakers.

With two in cloth and only 6 nighttime inserts, they began to show signs of wear quickly, so it was time to try something else. Moraki was my next experiment. After attending KC’s live chat with Moraki, I was impressed enough to try out several of their AIOs and also purchased two extra inserts to put in the clever pocket in the AIOs! In addition to being absolutely adorable, they worked great for overnight. They are a little bulky with the extra insert and the wings aren’t stretchy, but the all-natural hemp-cotton blend interior of this diaper is worth it—and worth the price!. (My husband doesn’t like how crunchy they get from line-drying so I toss them in an air-fluff cycle for 15 minutes in my dryer with wool dryer balls to make them softer.)

Finally, having found that cotton is my overnight solution, when BG re-released their original Elementals, I picked a few up to see what all the fuss was about. Well, after two nights and no leaks in these wonders (even though they each weighed a TON in the morning!) I understand. Plus, they are super trim on my little ones’ bums!

Although not the conventional solutions to overnight wetness, I’d recommend trying organic cotton to anyone. I still swear by the Flip nighttime inserts stuffed in a pocket, that stay-dry layer of the pocket keeps my guys sound asleep all night long. But I’m happy with my little nighttime stash now, kept close by the changing table in this adorable diaper stacker my Mom made!

Bio: Martha Growdon - Geologist and mom of di-di twin boys born 37 weeks gestation. Full hands, full heart.

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Kelly Brinton Nelson said...

Thanks for this post!!! We have been having issues with wetness halfway through the night. Looking forward to trying the flip inserts!!

Kelly Brinton Nelson said...

Thanks for this post! We've been having issues with wetness halfway through the night with our eight month old. I told my hubby this morning I didn't want to resort to sposies overnight—hoping the flip inserts you recommended will work!

Kelly Brinton Nelson said...

Thanks for this post!!! We have been having issues with wetness halfway through the night. Looking forward to trying the flip inserts!!